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As a referral from a friend, I recently downloaded the “Think Dirty” app; which tells you on a 1-10 scale how bad products are for you based on Carcinogenicity, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity and Allergies & Immunotoxicities. You won’t believe the products that are so bad for you! Almost all Neutrogena products, Cetaphil, and Bath and Body Works shower gels and lotions just to name a few.

In the past few years I have slowly been converting my skincare to all natural products. Not everything I use is natural, but I am trying to make a concerted effort to be more careful about what I put on my skin. I feel like overall my skin is happier and looks better when I don’t have a ton of synthetic stuff in my products.With that being said; who knows how my skin will look in 20 years without the chemicals but I guess that is the chance I will take!

And, it seems as though now all natural products are much easier to come by. You can find things at all price points which I think is key! I don’t want to spend over $30 on every product; but I will splurge for a night cream or serum if that makes sense. I have been asked by a few readers what I am using, so here is the rundown…

I just purchased this face wash by Andalou from Whole Foods and it is amazing. I do love a good foam. It removes makeup and impurities and leaves your skin with a nice finish without drying you out.

Lately I have been struggling with my under-eyes. I don’t know if it is from lack of sleep or aging, but they are looking TIRED! I use this Beautycounter under eye treatment during the daytime. It is a nice prep for your concealer and keeps you moisturized all day long.

I am excited to talk about a product that isn’t even in stores yet! The Dermalogica stress positive eye lift will be available April 6th. I am hoping this is the miracle worker! It is a cooling eye masque that helps to reduce visible signs of stress under and around the eyes. When applied, this eye lift minimizes the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, increases skin luminosity and lifts the eye area. Active ingredients brighten and visibly reduce under-eye circles.
It is formulated without artificial fragrances or colors. You can apply lightly over make-up for extra luminosity, or use as an in-flight pick-me-up for tired eyes. I have been using before I go to bed. It’s only been a few days so far, so I am excited to see what happens to these tired eyes over time!

I have tried many all natural night creams and this one by Derma-E from Whole Foods is the best by far. I was most excited to try this product, because it has Hyaluronic Acid which I keep reading about!

Hyaluronic acid products act like a “moisture magnet” and are perfect for rehydrating dry, thirsty, aging skin. Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water and has the amazing ability to attract and bind water molecules, keeping collagen hydrated and healthy and plumping, softening and smoothing skin. With age, the body’s ability to produce its own Hyaluronic Acid diminishes and topical application helps replenish the skin. This product should help restore maximum hydration while helping reduce the visible signs of aging for a healthy youthful glow. It is also under $35 which I think is decent for a good night cream.

During the day, in lieu of a moisturizer I will use one of my face oils. If you haven’t tried face oils you are missing out! Forget the idea that oils make your skin more oily, they are actually just a great moisturizer. One trick I did learn is to apply toner beforehand (preferably an all natural one) which helps the oils absorb better. I love this one from Skin KC which is like a yoga class for your skin! It is super calming with organic Orange blossom hydrosol, cucumber hydrosol*, witch hazel*, and distilled water.

On to my favorite oils…

I had been using this product by La Bruket which is a swedish line. I really love their products and my skin seems to react well to them. This oil with Bergamot and Carrot provides nourishing and boosting qualities that also deliver moisture while stimulating and revitalizing dry to normal skin. Extract from carrot is the active ingredient and works in harmony with jojoba as the carrier oil. Extract of carrot stimulates your skins production of collagen, while the tangerine oil helps boost your skins cell production. Apricot kernel oil supply the antioxidants, while bergamot has an antiseptic, healing and calming effect. This will replace your “serums” that you may be using.

When I was in Los Angeles, my girlfriend gave us this oil by On Board Organics.  as her “favorite things” party gift. It smells incredible, gives you an amazing glow and isn’t too heavy. It is made with organic argan oil, organic jojoba oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic coconut oil, vitamin e & gently fragranced, leaving your skin soft and amazing. This blend helps prevent wrinkles & fights acne.

If I am doing a moisturizer for day, Skin KC has an incredible product. I love both of these, depending on how much moisture you want. Daily Greens is a little bit lighter, but Seaberry has anti-aging ingredients. I love that they are a local brand, and of course all natural.  Their lip balm is also one of my favorite products, I keep them in every room of the house. I used to get very chapped lips that I would use Vaseline on. Vaseline is another TERRIBLE product out there. I find since using Skin KC balm, I don’t have to apply as often!

Exfoliating your skin, is also an important step to consider each week! I like to use my clarisonic or one of these products (just not together!!!)

The daily superfoliant is a new product by Dermalogica that uses Charcoal to purify the skin and help absorb environmental toxins that can get deep into your pores that can cause premature aging. When you use this your skin feels incredibly smooth and soft, and delivers a nice glow afterwards.

If you are an all natural gal, you will LOVE this product. Josh Rosebrook is a fairly new line that I just discovered at Hand & Land in Park Place. They highly recommended this exfoliator, and now I know why. You feel like you are rubbing raw plants on your face, it’s that natural. They use Potent fruit and herbal enzymes to gently slough off dead skin cells while finely ground walnut shells mechanically reveal new skin. I am not going to lie, the product has a unique smell, but it definitely works! Nutrient dense plant oils and honey combine to restore moisture and help clear skin issues, while rich herbal antioxidant and anti inflammatory synergies assist to calm, regenerate and help reset the skin’s natural healing process. For someone with sensitive skin, this has been a dream product.

In a nutshell, this is what I use each day. I will mix up the oil I use depending on the day; sometimes I skip my moisturizer all together and just use oil if you want a natural more dewy look. I exfoliate each week, and mix up those products as well. I feel like no matter what, you can’t go wrong with any of these products. And, you can go to sleep at night knowing exactly what you put on your skin isn’t going to harm you!



  1. Great post! I know you’re not there yet, but do you have any skin-care product recommendations for pre-teen kids? I’m sure my own skin care routine at that age was pretty toxic. Thx!

  2. Love your list of products (and all of your posts!). I’m a Beautycounter consultant so it’s always fun to see our products mentioned by my favorite bloggers! 😊

  3. We love when our products become favorites. Thanks for the shout outs, we so appreciate it! Cheers to awesome skin in 2017.

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