My skincare routine

Getting old is not fun. I really didn’t start to notice signs of aging until about 40. The last 2 years things have gone down hill fast; it is crazy how quickly things can change!

I will be honest, keeping your skin looking good as you get older takes time, money, and self care.  You have to be proactive, and treat it kindly (on a daily basis) to notice a difference.

For those of you interested, here is what I do to take care of my skin:

Diet is #1. It plays a huge part in how your skin will look. I have been dairy and gluten free (mostly) for the past 7 years. When I do eat dairy, I immediately break out. I think gluten and sugar do weird things to my hair, I tend to get really greasy. It is crazy! I promise you if you minimize these things in your diet you will see an incredible change in your skin.

Daily Care: Always wash your face (gently!) especially at night before bed. I am religious about my daily routine. IN the morning: Moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid and moisturizer, and also SPF, and tinted moisturizer with SPF. I will do Alpha Hydroxy Pads each week to exfoliate. At night, I wash with the same Derma E cleanser, I will put on retinol and use a heavier moisturizer. I will dab the same daily hydration plus serum under my eyes also before bed.

Derma E cleanser, Glo Skin Beauty Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Moisturizer, Trish McEvoy moisturizer with SPF, Glo Skin Beauty Tinted Moisturizer with SPF, Trish McEvoy Alpha Hydroxy Pads . Retinol,I have very sensitive skin, and this one is great! I am also giving THIS Vitamin C a try because it has come so highly recommended.

I also use Versed moisturizer for light moisture during the day. It is clean beauty at a great price! I can’t go without my Tan Luxe drops for everyday glow and a little color 🙂

you can shop it all here:

Monthly Care: get facials if you can! I notice a huge difference when I am getting them done on a regular basis. It helps to remove dead skin, impurities and really keeps your skin looking its best. I recently did a facial with Michelle at Inner Glimmer in Manhattan Beach and she was amazing!!! I am so excited to finally find someone who understands sensitive skin (here in California). I like Nikki at Bare Med Spa in KC, she is the best

here is my skin post facial; no filter no touch ups!

As far as aging goes, and keeping your skin looking REALLY good, nothing will help more than lasers in my opinion! I have talked endlessly about them, but they are really the best thing to improve your overall skin tone, remove dark spots, and improve fine lines/wrinkles, and to decrease pore size. I do the BBL 1-2 times a year for maintenance. If you are 40 plus, I suggest the Halo, which is equal to about 3 BBL treatments. You will have downtime of about 7-10 days. The BBL is great for young skin, there is no downtime, and it is a quick treatment. Just get it done when you know you won’t have sun exposure.

before and after jeuveau filler

Fillers and injectables are something I have just recently started using. I got botox for the first time right before I turned 40. Last year, I got fillers in my cheeks. I think the combo of both of these have been great in reversing the aging process a bit 🙂 Just find someone to give you a very natural look, and that doesn’t give you too much. You face should be able to have movement, and you never want to be over “filled”. I had voluma and most recently restalyn Lift injected around my cheek bones which I feel like has really helped lift the skin, and give a more youthful look. Fillers are great, when they are done right. You just need to find someone who can give you the most natural look. I see Lizette at Manhattan Aesthetics and she is incredible! I have loved working with her. In Kansas City, go see Mandy at Bare Med Spa.

I am also loving a lot of Trish McEvoy products right now! you can learn more about them here:

Trish McEvoy beta hydroxy pads, Beauty Booster SPF, Liquid Face Color , brighten and define essential duo which includes mascara, and instant eye lift! Precision Brow Shaper, High Volume Mascara, Lash Curling Mascara, Line Refiner


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