Mother’s Day with Sierra Winter

I am so proud of my friend Sierra, and all that she has done with her jewelry collection over the past few years! It is fun now seeing my daughter (who got her ears pierced last summer) also want to wear her pieces. She of course is not allowed to wear them everyday, but for a dinner out I let her borrow my buffalo mound earrings 🙂

The newest collection might be one of my favorites!

A few faves from Spring 2019 are the Twilight earring in both Turquoise and Lapis and the Eve necklace in both Opal and Turquoise. I will be adding all of these, plus the new Opal Eve Earrings to my collection!

Right now it is all about multiple piercings. I have 2, but going to get a 3rd this summer! The new sunrise earring is perfect for your 2nd hole. Or great worn alone for everyday.

outfit details: Top (Target) Denim Jacket (old Marine Layer) Skirt: Scoobie, Bag: Loeffler Randall, Sunglasses (Barton Perreira Corso)

I also love that she has a great variation in earring sizes. There is something for everyone! Here I am wearing  the Sunrise Earring + The bandit earring in Gold Turquoise .

If you are not a big earring girl, the bandit is a great way to incorporate an interesting shape/style into your earring wardrobe.

You can shop the entire collection HERE. And don’t forget to use STYLESCOU10 for 10% off your purchase!


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