Mid-Day Munchies

I think most of us hit a lull around 2-3PM. It is the time between lunch and dinner where you get a little hungry and a little tired. I find myself always needing a pick me up around this time. I used to make not so great choices around this time of day. Before I cleaned up my diet, it would be a latte and a scone or muffin of some sort. The sugar and carbs and caffeine was a recipe for disaster. Instead of picking me up, I felt even more tired! Caffeine mid-day is not the answer! And if you are the one picking up at Diet Coke at this time, I beg you to stop. You can read more about the effects of this drink HERE. I am not super anti anything, but everything I read about Diet Soda is awful and it’s an easy thing to cut out of your diet!

So…back to eating. I have learned now to avoid that 3:00 slump I have to eat more frequently and smaller meals throughout the day.

I usually eat a light lunch around 12:00. My lunch is not super exciting and I rotate between a few options. Sometimes I make a protein shake (8 oz of almond milk, chocolate protein powder (whatever my husband buys!), banana, natural PB, cup of ice). This is usually pretty filling, if I am still hungry then I will have some fresh deli meat, veggies and hummus.

If I missed my eggs in the morning I will do eggs with avocado toast (on GF bread). This is really filling and hearty, I absolutely love it for lunch. If I am out and about I will make a salad from the salad bar at my grocery store. I know..some people think salad bars are gross, but ours is good, I PROMISE! I usually do mixed greens, grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm and sunflower seeds for crunch. I also always take it home and use my own GF dressing. I personally think Brianna’s Champagne Caper Vinaigrette the best.

Come mid-day I have tried to find some healthy snacks to get me through to dinner.

I always have baby carrots and peppers and hummus on hand. These will fill you up and help you get those veggies in for the day!

Sometimes if I am craving sweet I will do Strawberries dipped in almond or natural peanut butter. I love my homemade energy bites with the tiny chocolate chips in them, which are great for a sweet fix.

My favorite bars are Macro Bars. The Protein Pleasure: Peanut Butter and Chocolate or the Sunny Uplift: cherries and Berries are great (available at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and some Hen House stores) I also love Oh Yeah One bars, that only have 1G of sugar. The birthday cake flavor is ridic. I get them at Vitamin Shoppe or GNC.

If you are a salty cravings type of girl, there are some amazing GF crackers out there. I love Nut-Thins or Crunch Master crackers; almost all of the flavors are good. Layer these with hummus or cheese (if you aren’t dairy free) for a great snack!

Nuts are a great snack too, if you like salty things. You can make your own trail mix at home with almonds, dried berries and little chocolate chips if you want some sweet in there too. It’s a lot less expensive than buying in bulk at the store. If you need a recipe, this looks like one that the kids would love too!

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 And if you crave a drink go for a Matcha Latte or a Tea that has some health benefits! A Matcha latte with Almond Milk can also cure your sweet craving and it is actually good for you. You can see all the benefits HERE. 


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