Makeup for Moms: Easy beauty tutorials

My goal this year is to bring more video content to my blog and social media. And, last year my beauty posts were some of your favorites, so I am going to continue sharing my favorite beauty finds!

We are going to call this “Makeup for Moms”, but, you don’t have to be a mom to take away something from these videos. My goal is to share easy, everyday makeup looks. Also, work with local makeup artists to teach me (and you!) how to do more evening looks for weddings, date night, etc.

and disclaimer, I am NOT a professional. I just love experimenting with skincare and makeup products, and I love sharing when I find something great.

Each month, you will see old + new products, and how I work them into my routine. So, here is the first video, using my latest beauty finds from my previous post. Enjoy!

you can shop the items used here:


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