Love it or Leave it

My resolution for this year is to only surround myself with things that I love; people, things, situations, you name it. And my home and my closet is a great way to start de-cluttering and creating a space that makes me the most happy.  As a stylist/personal shopper I clean out my closet every season anyways, but this year I am making some hard cuts. I will no longer hold on to the things that don’t bring joy in my life.

I had been holding on to some things for sentimental reasons. I am still going to keep them; but I have started a bin of those items to give to Vivi one day. This bin has some of my old investment purchases that I no longer wear, or fun trendy pieces I know she would like to have one day.

I really worked hard last year on saving for things I wanted. And in the end, I was so much happier with those purchases. Instead of grabbing things at Target or TJ Maxx I saved up to buy one great sweater, or a pair of jeans, a new winter coat, etc. My favorite purchases this year were my Chanel Slingbacks, and Valentino Sandals (which I saved up and bought on Ebay new in the box! And also this coat which I have been coveting for a year. My Gucci crossbody was used all summer long, which made it totally worth the money.

We all need those inexpensive purchases in our life. Not everything has to be an investment! I did sprinkle some H&M, Zara and Mango into my closet; but you need those budget finds to fill in the holes throughout the season. As long as those pieces are something you will love and wear over and over then they are a good purchase!

This year I plan to do the same with purchases for my home and closet. I am really working on investing in some artwork, a few pieces for our living room and new bar stools for our kitchen.

As far as clothing and accessories; I would like to find a new crossbody bag. I haven’t decided what that will be yet but I have my eye on a few things (THIS, THIS AND THIS). I also always get one good pair of flat sandals and something with a mid-heel for the season. I always invest in a great fitting swimsuit (they are worth it) and a cute coverup. Summer you can get away with not spending as much, so I feel like this is a great time to work on more house projects instead.

What will be your big purchases for 2018?


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