Let’s get real: Clean eating…the struggle is real!

Am I the only person who gains weight during the summer months??? I feel like everyone I talk to says they lose weight. They feel more fit because they are less likely to eat bad foods when it’s hot, and they are more active either working in their yards or running outside. I go downhill from May-August. I don’t weigh myself, but I can just tell I am not as trim as I am during the winter.

Since going Gluten and Dairy free (which, by the way has cured me of chronic migraines and stomach issues…) last year I feel like this summer was the best I have been in years. Our diet is pretty clean, but that doesn’t mean I am perfect!

In the Summer I indulge…I am a sucker for the occasional scoop of ice cream, grilling out burgers, more drinking than normal (which leads to late night bad food choices), and less working out (the kids home during the summer makes it really hard to workout…even when you own a gym). By the time school starts I feel a need to detox, refresh, and get back on a healthier routine. When I eat gluten and dairy my stomach gets upset, I feel bloated and my skin freaks out. I also have a total lack of energy when I eat gluten. It’s really amazing how much better I feel when I cut those things out of my diet.

This fall I am really going to focus on eating as clean as possible. We go to Miami in a month so it’s crunch time! I am going to work on cutting out sugar, which is REALLY hard for me. I don’t crave sugar as much as I used to, but I still love chocolate and the occasional Justin’s Peanut Butter cup (which actually are GF!), and I do use sugar in my coffee every morning. I know it’s bad, but I feel like I have given up so much already! I have tried Pure Via and it’s fine, but not my favorite sweetener.

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Pants: Vimmia, Shoes: Nike Internationalist, Bracelets: Pura Vida and Etiquette Boutique KC

I find it hard to stay healthy when we are constantly on the go…but thankfully there are great options available now in Kansas City, and I think even more places that cater to Paleo, Gluten Free and Dairy free diets will be popping up everywhere! Simple Science Juice are all Organic and Raw pressed juices that will deliver to your door (for free!); they also make Paleo Orbs (little bites) and salads that you can take on the go.I am yet to try their food, but their juices are great…we loved the Nucleus which is shown above.

We recently tried Optimal Living meals which focus on clean eating and portion control. Their meals are also GF, DF and Sugar Free. You pick your meals and either have them delivered or you can pick them up yourself at one of their locations. If you are someone who is busy and doesn’t like to cook, this is a great option to stay healthy and get the daily nutrients you need. I have also heard great things about Paleo Fit meals, which we are also going to try. I have to say, it was so nice to have some optimal living meals in our fridge this week for when Jon works late and he misses dinner. And, their protein balls are amazing, the perfect healthy snack that our whole family will eat! Eating healthy isn’t always convenient, but now it can be!


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