Let’s get organized

Right now as we are cooped up, getting organized is very therapeutic. Whether it is decluttering or simply re-arranging. It can get the whole family involved! It will also help relieve stress, and create a more harmonious living space.

In October Teresa Dineen of LifeStyled came to my house and did an overhaul. It was the best thing EVER. If you live in Los Angeles, she is the best at what she does. There is no room, or no project she won’t tackle. You can also follow her on Instagram for organizing tips, and projects to do each day during this quarantine. She is @teresalifestyled .

Photos are by Alex Clark Photo // All organization by Teresa 

Here is a peek at the things she did in my home! I am also linking the awesome storage containers she used that have been super helpful!

The pantry needed MAJOR help. I needed all new storage solutions!

I love all of the bins that were used, so I can see everything clearly. It was much easier for the kids to grab snacks and help pack their lunches as well.

The other half of my pantry has medicine and all of our essential oils. I love the labels on everything, and the shelf (also great for spices) so I can see all of my oils, vitamins, etc.

you can shop all of the pantry storage here:

They also rolled all of my cloth napkins and towels. Surprisingly we have kept them this way! They used bamboo drawer dividers to keep them nice and neatly arranged.

My bathroom also needed some serious TLC. She did an awesome job with the drawers and under the sink storage. There was not one inch of my bathroom she didn’t organize!

For drawer organizers and under sink storage shop here:

She nailed my vanity. I use this EVERY day, and I am so grateful for the great storage!

She also did my daughter’s closet. We had these striped bins from Target, but she added in the cute straw ones with labels. The labels are available HERE.  Teresa customized them for us, which was great!

I also absolutely love velvet hangers in the kids rooms too! They look a million times better and keep the clothes hanging nicely. They also create more room in the closet.

Shop kids storage solutions here:

My closet ended up being amazing, as I knew it would with her touch! She added pretty baskets with labels for me.

I also LOVE the acrylic dividers for handbags to keep them sitting upright and straight in a row.

My husband prefers plastic hangers; especially for all of his tees and workout stuff. I on the other hand LOVE velvet hangers. You should always use velvet because they look so much better, and again, they are space savers! 

We used Container Store shoe boxes that pull out for both of our shoes. Make sure to buy size Large because the women’s box does not hold much! I got large boxes for both of us

shop all closet storage here:


A HUGE thank you to Teresa and her team for the organizational overhaul! and to Alex Clark for the great photos!


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