Aging Gracefully

 After years of tanning beds, sunbathing, and not wearing enough SPF my skin was in pretty bad. It also got worse after having children. In the last few years I have really worked hard to improve my skin. It takes time, multiple treatments, and some money; but I feel like investing in your skin is always a good idea 🙂

Lasers have been the treatment that has given me the most noticeable results. Before lasers I had a lot of dark spots, and some red spots. I am also very vascular around my nose (it’s a german/norwegian descent thing) and lasers were able to target all of those things.


this picture is from 2014 before my first laser treatment and a picture of me today! age 36 to 40. 

I have tried almost every laser treatment out there; the BBL and IPL which are about the same. I also did the Halo a few years back. The Halo is the most effective, getting to the deeper layers of your skin that the BBL and IPL can’t reach. While the results are great, it’s pretty intense. For someone in their 30’s or early 40’s I would say the Halo would be good every 3-5 years.

Stacy at Bare Med Spa is my girl! She first applies a gel all over my face. She then does multiple passes with the laser. It is a warm and quick zap; not painful but a little shocking. It goes by really quick! Once she does the entire face, they will go back and target spots that need a little more TLC.



I have been trying to get the IPL laser about once a year; 3 treatments over the course of a few months just to keep an even skin tone and treating the sun spots that will pop up after a summer. It’s impossible to not be in the sun, especially with kids! So, I will load up on sunscreen, wear a hat, and even with that I have seen some spots return.

Overall though, my skin looks a LOT better than it did 4 years ago. It takes some maintenance, and patience but it has been worth it!

photo by Ruthie Stark 

 Stacy recommended that the next area we will be targeting is my chest. I have just noticed that my chest is starting to age and it doesn’t look pretty. That’s another area that we often burn, and don’t cover good enough when we are in the sun. I am excited to show you guys the before and after results! If you want to book a laser at Bare Med Spa with Stacey, who has been doing mine, click HERE. Make sure to mention Melanie15 to get 15% off your first treatment!




  1. Between the BBL and the IPL which do you prefer and what? I’ve done the IPL and wondering the difference you saw between it and the BBL. thanks!

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