Landing in LA

The last month feels like a bit of a dream. A total whirlwind of packing, moving, travel, unpacking and getting our family settled into our new home. But now that we are finally here, I feel like I can take a deep breath and relax for a moment.

Our 2 week trek across the US was a trip we will never forget. I am going to have to break down that trip into a few blog posts because we saw/did so much over the 2 weeks! But honestly, I really loved driving and seeing the landscape. The kids did surprisingly well, too. My husband melted down a bit at the end 🙂 I think he was just tired of all of us and the driving! I offered to drive, but he wouldn’t let me. ha!

By the time we arrived in Los Angeles we only had 1 week before school started. Thankfully, my sitter from Kansas City offered to come to help with the kids while we unpacked and organized. She was a huge lifesaver, I could not have done it without her! Jon was working, and then had to go back to KC. So I was flying solo 🙁

It was a bit of an ordeal since we are renting a furnished house, but we still wanted to keep some of our favorite furniture/art/etc. So we have rented a storage unit for those things. We brought most of our artwork and decor, bedding, dishes, etc to the house. But there were some things that did not fit, some things that ended up in the storage unit (that weren’t supposed to be), and we had to store some of the home owners items that I didn’t want to use (bar stools, dining room chairs, etc).  I am switching out pillows, buying a few new art pieces, and new bedding for our master.  It is hard when you are dealing with certain things that aren’t your style (paint colors, big furniture pieces, etc) But overall, we are SO happy with the house. It is really perfect for our family, and our style/decor fits in there better than I could have imagined. Once I get everything together I will give you guys a home tour!

We have been in Los Angeles for 3 weeks. I do have to pinch myself daily; I really can’t believe this is our home. It is so widely different than where I have lived the past 40 years of my life, yet it feels so right. It is very hard to explain, but I am definitely happy here and it feels like home to us. We live 5 minutes from everything. The beach, school, equinox where I am working out, a really fabulous shopping/dining area, Whole Foods, Anthropologie, Madewell, Lululemon, etc. It makes life very convenient being able to get everywhere in just a few minutes. Now, if we have to go to other places like West Hollywood, Santa Monica, etc, that is a different story. My husband has endured some terrible traffic so far, especially when he is leaving during peak travel times. I fortunately don’t really have to leave the bubble, so I haven’t had to deal with that yet.

Being minutes from the beach is a dream come true. We typically just pack up our bags with towels, snacks, and drinks and take an uber down there (so we don’t have to deal with parking, which is usually in high demand). We have spent at least a few hours every weekend there. It is a blast! Julian is loving boogie boarding, and vivi is just getting comfortable with the ocean.

I think the biggest challenge is getting the kids settled. They are doing ok, but not great. I think I underestimated how hard the transition would be for them. They were very happy the first week, everyone was extremely welcoming and the school is amazing. But, once the dust settled I think they realized that new best friends don’t happen overnight. They miss the regular playdates, and close friendships. But I have tried to explain to them that these things don’t happen overnight. We have had many tears, breakdowns, and fighting between the kids I think it is their way of dealing with the “stress”.  I am doing my best to get them acclimated; signing them up for activities and scheduling playdates. But you can only do so much right?? I can’t hold their hand, and I know that they have to do this on their own. So, we have had many pep talks and family chat sessions to get them through this time. They are sweet, outgoing children so I know these connections will happen eventually. I keep praying that they will feel fully “at home” soon.

Jon is super happy, doing his thing and getting everything underway for Health House West Hollywood. He is juggling his time between meetings and networking. Also, he is working on building a team of instructors here in LA. He is working his ass off and I can’t wait for you all to see the new studio. It may be the best one yet! The estimated open date will be December; fingers crossed.

 I am definitely feeling good about things here. But, I know it takes time to get adjusted to a new city. I have moved a lot in my life, but this has been by far the most challenging. I am anxious for the kids to feel settled, and to make some new friendships of my own. It is strange going from a place where you know everyone to a place filled with all new faces. I am thankful that I got the “outgoing” gene, and that I am not afraid to talk to new people. But it doesn’t make it any easier! Last night I had to attend back to school night by myself. I walked into a room full of people who knew one another yet I felt like a total outsider. My anxiety was through the roof. It is not easy to put yourself out there, and I know it will take some time. But, luckily we live in a great, friendly and down to earth beach community. I definitely am looking forward to getting to know other like minded women, and other families.

It is also hard personally “starting over”. I spent 10 years building a brand, this blog, and my styling business in KC. Now I am starting from scratch. Again, I know that I will have to work at it and make all new connections here. It is just another challenge, and something for me to work towards. My first priority is my children and the family, so I am putting my energy towards that right now.

So, that is my little life update so far! It took me a long time to feel “ready” to write again. But I am glad to be back! And, thanks to all of you who have stuck with me, even though I am no longer a KC girl 🙂




  1. I’d suggest you find a good Christian church there to attend. That’s how my friend met new people there Also her children met good friends in church. It’s different living there when your from the Midwest. I found a lot more cliques there when I stayed with my friend. Good luck. I love your blog.

  2. I feel your joy and your pain! Leaving Visitation to live in Germany for a year has been a HUGE struggle but also a huge and amazing adventure. My kids struggled too, for all the reasons you mentioned. I found that it ebbs and flows. But once they each found one good friend that they clicked with it was so much better. And we’ve tried to keep them in touch with KC friends through facetime, postcards, and emails. It gets easier for everyone once it feels like real life and not just a long vacation!

  3. Good luck with everything Mel and keep doing you! You and the kids will make friends fast! It is hard moving to a new city – I felt similarly when I moved to KC 4 years ago – but in the world of technology and Instagram it is easy to find people with similar interests and make friends! Best of luck to you all! Alex

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