Our KC Spring Break

I did it. I survived 10 days here in KC with both my kids, during a pretty brutally cold Spring Break.

Some of you may or may not have seen my insta story last week, but I decided to take the iPads away from my kids. They were becoming SO dependent on them, and truthfully I was a little bit too. Since I work from home, I would allow them to be on their ipads while I worked or if I was trying to get stuff done around the house. It wasn’t good. My kids started acting nasty when I made them put them away. My son was acting really awful. Like, really angry if he wasn’t able to play on it. I finally got so tired of their behavior I decided to take them away all together! It was the best decision I have made.

I did let them use it for about a total of 3 hours the entire break. I had a meeting that I had to drag them too, so I allowed them to use it then. And then at the end of break over the weekend they got short increments.

It’s amazing what your kids will do when they don’t have devices. Their play got more creative, and they actually played together! It wasn’t always great; as sibling play goes. But it made me so happy to see them engaging and coming up with fun things to do.

With that being said, it was an exhausting 10 days. We did at least one activity/outing each day. We threw in some playdates and sleepovers. And we did some “big” outings that are so fun for the kids, but really stress me out. Here is a little recap of our 10 days together…

Visited Sporting KC season Kickoff at Town Center

Dragged them to Ikea one day; got a few things for the house. I am loving this white and rose gold lighting! It would be so cute in a playroom or kids room. And have you all bought their plants? They are insanely inexpensive! I will share pics soon of the ones I got.

Ceramic Cafe in Leawood is so cute. You pick your pottery and paint it; pick the finished product up a week later. I think the staff does a great job of directing the kids, and making it a pretty smooth process. Only downside is it is pricey. We walked out of there for right about $50 for just two small pieces. And, it is a short activity, but at least they get to take something home from it. And, I always love having a creative outing with the kids.

 V and her fashion loving classmate have been asking for a dress making party, so I figured this was a great time to do it! My nieces who are in 7th grade came and helped them put their creations together. I used some fabric, ribbon and jewels I actually had on hand, and we used a glue gun to put them together. The sequin initial letters are from Hobby Lobby and they just iron on. This activity took about 2 hours, and cost barely anything! PS…the makeup they did themselves 🙂 

J had his first sleepover! the next morning I took the kids to try Donutology the new donut shop in Westport. They have a make your own custom donut buffet that they loved. You can choose as little as 3 mini donuts you can dress yourself. they also have other pre-made donuts to choose from. I gave up sweets for lent, so I didn’t try one but the kids said they were great!

I made the mistake of doing Urban Air Trampoline Park and Coco Key water resort back to back days! Seriously, what was I thinking?

Here are the brave moms who hauled 18 kids to the Coco Key water park. It was fun for the kids, but SO exhausting. My kids were even over it after about 2 hours. It was 100 degrees in there, not very clean, and I get nervous in places like that for many reasons! I am not sure we will go back 🙁

By the weekend, the temps finally started coming up! Just in time for the Spring soccer season

We ended the weekend with some time at the park, long walks with the dog, and we went to see Beauty and The Beast which is SO beautiful and magical. A MUST for all families!

I hope you all had a great time on your trips or at home with your families. I will be celebrating back to school with a pedicure and a workout tomorrow 🙂



  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, And good for you being brave and taking their devices away! It can be hard to take a strong stance like that when it comes to screen time but it sounds like it was a good decision!

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