KC to LA Style Scout

Because I have had so many questions about what our future looks like, I just wanted to address it all here!

Health House has an opportunity to expand to the West Coast. With such a big undertaking of introducing Health House to a new market, with also hopes for multiple locations in Southern California we decided that the whole family would move. It would be impossible for him to get the job done traveling back and forth, so we all decided this was best. We have best friends that live in the suburb where we are moving to. I also have multiple friends scattered across LA. While I know it will be a big change, it is not completely foreign to me. We have been traveling to LA for almost 14 years now, and have taken the kids every summer. While it is very sad to leave our KC “Family” we are also excited about this opportunity! It is the chance of a lifetime that we cannot pass up. The first SoCal studio will be on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, slated to open later in the Fall.

Health House KC will be run by our team; most of which have been with us from the beginning. Tara and Tonya are our managers have been running the day to day for years. They are excellent leaders and we know the studios will continue to thrive and grow, and be the best fitness experience under their watch. We are completely confident in our Kansas City team to take care of the studios and all of you who are clients! Jon will fly back to visit often; and we also have family and close friends here which will also bring us back. I know that this not a forever goodbye. We are looking forward to multiple visits throughout the year.

Many of you have asked if I will continue blogging, and the answer is yes. Writing is a passion, and a creative outlet for me. I truly love it and would never give this up! Thank you to all of you who will continue to follow me even when I am not in KC. But, I will continue to rep my fave KC brands/stores as much as I can.  But of course, I am excited to get to know a new community of small business owners, shops and creatives. I am excited to share that experience with all of you!

Ultimately though, my first priority is getting the kids settled (which takes a lot of work researching sports teams, extracurricular activities, etc). I will fit in writing whenever I can. My first few months may just be posts about our life and experiences in our new town. But I will do my best to continue sharing fashion, beauty, fitness and health; but the images may just not be as pretty 🙂 Until I can shoot with my photographer again! My instagram will probably be the main source of information for a while until I have the time and energy to write. So, please be patient with me over the next few months. I am not quite sure what will happen but I want you to know that I am not deserting this blog.

We have to be out of our current home on August 1 and can’t get into our new home until August 15th. So, we are taking a family road trip for 2 weeks across the country! I am excited (and nervous) to be in the car that much together, but I think it will be fun and an experience the kids will never forget! Stay tuned to all of our adventures over the next few weeks; I am sure it will be interesting!!!!



  1. I’ve only been following you for a few months, when I joined H/H 😉. I enjoy all the things you share from fashion, food, and fun. I look forward to all the new things you share from California!! Best of luck to you and your family on your next adventure!

  2. Good luck!! I’m a reader from KC. I’ll miss discovering local businesses through your feed. It’s sad that you’re leaving our city, but it’s very exciting to have a new adventure! I used to live in LA. I hope you love your time there! Thank you for taking us with you on your new journey!

  3. Wishing you the best of luck in sunny California ! I enjoy your blog so much and can not wait for what your California journey brings. Best of luck to you and your family .

  4. Hi Melanie! I started following you not long ago – but love your take on life! We are headed to
    Malibu next week and would love some input on workouts & top dinners to experience out there!

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