Hidden Gem in KC: The Fashionista Exchange

I have driven past the Fashionista Exchange a million times and had always been intrigued by it. I finally looked them up online and decided that I needed to clean out my closet and part with some items I had been holding on to. What I have learned is that if you haven’t worn the item in a year or 2, you really won’t be wearing it again. Unless it’s an investment piece, just part with it…and make room for some new items in your closet!

I loaded up 2 bins and took them into the shop. The owner Danielle quickly scooped up my baby and allowed me to shop and look around as they assessed the items I brought in. The best part about the Fashionista Exchange is that they compensate you right there, on the spot. They will give you either 30% of what they can sell the item for (in cash) or 50% store credit. There is no appointment necessary, just bring in your clean, current and cute clothing!

If you are looking for good deals, it’s also a fabulous place to shop. Everything I looked at was mostly under $30 and in excellent condition. They also had some designer items with tags still on them, like this grey Club Monaco beaded shift dress. The designer items were priced higher, as to be expected but they were still affordable.

She has everything from clothes, to shoes and a fun selection of accessories. I spotted this Hermes scarf and almost fainted. It’s a steal at $49!

I of course didn’t leave empty handed, I got this fun printed blouse for $9.50
 and this really pretty white tank with pleating and ruffle detail $24
Do yourself a favor and visit the girls at the Fashionista Exchange located at 8777 W. 95th St.
(95th & Antioch next to the Paul Mitchell school)
Overland Park, KS 66212 913-341-2537.

If you are interested in selling items, just call them ahead of time to make sure they are still accepting merchandise.


  1. Ohhh, much closer than Clothes Mentor, which is usually where I go. But I do make a TON of cash each time I go – around $100 each time. Will have to check this out. I have a bag in my car right now!

  2. So glad you are back to blogging! I can’t tell you how much your blog has helped my wardrobe! You are my “secret weapon”. I learn so much from you!!!

    1. no, not high end at all, really! average price points were $15-$20. I only saw a few higher end items. It’s worth checking out, for sure!

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