Healthy + Strong is the new Sexy

Pressure; there is so much of it out there in the world. Pressure to have the right job, the perfect house, a perfect family, a perfect marriage and to look a certain way. Social media has increased that pressure tenfold. We are thrown so many things at us daily, which sometimes leaves us feeling like we aren’t doing enough.

I worry so much about the younger generations who are so influenced by the images they see on Instagram. These “insta celebs” that have unrealistic lives of constant travel, clothes, and parties. There is a ton of photoshopping, face filtering and of course augmentation (not judging, but it’s starting SO young with these girls), and unnatural noses and lips and cheeks. And don’t get me started on how these girls are portraying themselves. Every photo in some scantily clad outfit that barely covers their tiny bodies. Lips puckered, boobs out, short skirts.  I would DIE if my daughter put herself out there like that.

Why is there this pressure to always look “sexy”?

Whatever happened to just being classy, and driven and strong?

Whatever happened to just being healthy and happy?

I have extra skin from having babies, and I have a booty and muscular thighs. I also love my body because I feel the best I have in my entire life. I work hard to feel good, and to be strong so that as I age I have less issues with my hips, back and knees. I eat right because I feel better when I do, and because we are hoping to start healthy habits early with our children.

Being a blogger and someone who is very active on social media puts me out there, and I understand that. My daughter is now very aware of what is going on.  She sometimes scrolls through Instagram (which I have now stopped) and she says “Mom why is that girls bottom hanging out”?! I was MORTIFIED!!!!!!! Does she think that’s ok? How do I explain that to her; she is only 5????

I follow a lot of fitness brands, and I am shocked at how often they use the word “sexy” in their marketing. Honestly, it’s a huge turn off.  Why do we have to try to look a certain way, and have a “sexy body”? What if I want to have a strong, muscular body? Is that so wrong?

Not everyone is a size 0, with long and lean limbs. We are given a body, in which genetics play a huge part. There are some women that may work out until they are blue in the face, but they will never be able to change that they have a booty and curves, or that they carry some weight in their mid section. We need to stop putting un-realistic goals on women, and to help them celebrate the body that they are given!

We have the power to change how the younger generations feel about their bodies, and how they portray themselves.

Let’s start sending the right messages.

Let’s start giving the next female generation the confidence, and healthy outlook on what being a STRONG woman looks like.





  1. Love this post…my 15 year old daughter is obsessed with instagram, posing just the right way, and trying to make herself have pouty lips. It is a never ending battle with her!!

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