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Cooking has been a STRUGGLE for me lately. We are really stretched thin in the evenings, between homework and sports every night after school. I am always rushing, always yelling at someone, and always feeling like I’m not doing great at my “job”. I think all of you Mom’s out there know the feeling. Throw my husband into the mix and that’s another story! I get it; he is exhausted and wants a good/healthy meal and so do I. But sometimes I just don’t want to cook it 🙂

With that being said I am TRYING to make an effort and be better about cooking our meals. I have tried Blue Apron (too much cutting/chopping) and I didn’t always love the meal, and we have tried meal delivery services but they don’t ever seem to satisfy. So, I am going to old school cookbooks to help inspire me and get me motivated in the kitchen.

Skinnytaste recipes are easy, healthy and filling! It is rare that I don’t like one of her meals. These Sloppy Joe Baked Sweet Potatoes were incredible and SUPER easy. I actually whipped them up after dance class last Thursday and they were done in no time.

image via Skinnytaste

This is a recipe from her Fast & Slow cookbook, and it is one of the best salmon recipes I have made! The veggies that accompanied it were also perfection. This cookbook is getting me through these busy school nights! You can shop it HERE. 

So far Skinnytaste recipes been my fave, but I was recently introduced to Pamela Salzman and I am loving her recipes too! My friend took a cooking class with her at a friend’s home in Los Angeles and recently introduced me to some of her recipes. I made her Slow Cooker barbacoa style tacos and they were delicious. My family ate the entire batch, leaving no left overs in sight! I slightly overcooked my meat (not sure how, as I followed the recipe to a T) But, we all agreed the tacos were still amazing.  You can find her recipe HERE. 

image via Pamela Salzman 



  1. Have you tried meal planning? We started about a year ago and I do all of my grocery shopping/prep work on Sundays. It definitely helps make the week not as hectic because half of the work is already done!

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