Gold Earring Game

I am loving all the imagery on social media, with layers upon layers of jewelry. It has inspired me to get more creative with how I accessorize. I find I am drawn to more simple and dainty jewelry pieces. Layers of tiny necklaces, ring stacks, and small gold earrings worn up the ear. It has also inspired me to buy less, and invest in better pieces that I can wear every single day and not have to change out as much. Also when you buy real or better quality, they obviously will last longer, which in the end saves you money!

During the last week of school, and as a kickoff to summer, a couple of girlfriends and I decided to get our ears pierced. We all had a different end goal, but it was so fun to do it together. We definitely giggled a lot as each of us went through piercing again; it was like being back in High School 🙂  The studio that we went to was very clean and nice, with high quality pieces to choose from for our piercings. I went with this little 3 stone stud, that I will never have to take out. It was more expensive, but worth it! You can shop a similar pair HERE. 

I am excited to add to my tiny earring collection, and hopefully add piercings! I am really loving the look of having one ring in the middle, and maybe something up top. I thought about trying an ear cuff, just to see if I like the look before doing the piercing!

Wearing the Sierra Winter Jewelry Sunrise + Opal Eve Earring. My 2 favorites from her latest collection! I love my Sierra Winter pieces because they are unique and they really can withstand everyday wear. Her pieces are made with real stones, and are either sterling silver or gold vermeil.


Wearing: Sierra Winter Buffalo Mound + Sunrise Earring 

Wearing Sierra Winter “Scout” Earring which I co-designed with Sierra! + The Opal Eve Earring

Outfit details: Dress: Touche, Sunglasses: Barton Perreira “Cutrone”, Small turquoise/diamond necklace by Tula Jewelry studio, diamond cluster necklace by Adina Reyter.

If you are looking for more gold earring + dainty layered inspiration. Shop my favorites here!

Aurate Jewelry:

Last Line LA:


Adina Reyter



  1. I love those cute gold earrings on you! It is not over powering but is still a statement piece! “A little goes a long way”. Love the style <3

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