Glow down Low: Flourish RX Goddess Glow

To be blunt about it, when we age, shit hits the fan. Things happen to our bodies that NOBODY talks about. So, we are left wondering, is this normal? I am hoping to get the conversation going; along with my friend Candice who invented an oil for your lady parts that is changing lives for women. 

Candice is a fellow mom at school, and our kids were in class together last year. We had chatted at school, and I knew that she was a 2 time Cancer survivor, but I didn’t know her whole story.  She had started a new business; an oil for your Yoni (aka your Vagina). I was completely intrigued, and wanted to know more about her story, her business, and the product that all the moms were raving about. So we met for coffee and I got the full scoop.

Candice Witek is a board certified health coach, founder of women’s wellness product line Flourish RX and a nationally recognized women’s health advocate. She is also a 2 time Breast Cancer survivor. Initially to regain health, Candice dove into education in women’s nutrition and the mind + body connection. Empowering women to improve health, achieve goals and develop sustainable habits. She is a graduate of USC Annenberg School, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Board Certified Health Coach  Plant-Based Chef, Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Facilitator and Mother of 3. During her cancer journey she tried everything imaginable to help her heal and feel good. Since she has always been an avid cook, dreamer and designer, she started creating recipes for things beyond food – and that’s how Flourish RX products were born. Researching, mixing, creating; with a focus on natural and simple ingredients. With the launch of her sexual wellness product Goddess Glow CBD Yoni Oil Candice educates and empowers women on self-care for the most feminine parts of womanhood. Let’s Talk About It!

I did a Q&A with Candice to get to know the product better. Here it is! 


How did you get started in holistic coaching and educating yourself on natural healing? 

I’ve always been an avid cook and creator in the kitchen rooted in my heritage & learned from my grandma and parents. When I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer just 6 months after the birth of my 3rd baby, I wanted to do anything I could to survive. At first it was about my health but quickly realized I wanted to help others through my career. I decided that I would go back to school while I was recovering and battling! I completed my education through a combination of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, UCLA and became Board Certified. I also started a long journey of self-discovery,  what worked and didn’t for myself and my husband and children. I have used all this knowledge and experience and applied it to my consulting practice and brand.  

 What inspired you to make the Goddess Glow Oil?

Plain and simple, it was having to remove my ovaries due to a recurrence of my breast cancer and experiencing menopause at 36 years old. All the goodness of aging hit me fast and hard. I wasn’t going to take it lying down so I got to creating! I was using CBD for pain management of chemo and essential oils for healing and support. So I got to work, talking with my doctors, educators and a wonderful lab staff and started mixing and creating to help my vaginal area cope with the menopause process. Happy to report I now have a happy healthy YONI and so can you!  I can’t wait to watch this business as a whole grow so that I can offer more products to support women in Pro-Aging. 

When it comes to “lady parts” what happens when we age? This is something people don’t talk about and I would love your knowledge on this! 

I know when we think aging we think, our face, neck, breast, booty but not really vulva!?? But let’s get logical here for a minute. All skin ages and your vulva and vaginal area have most likely gone through a lot? Shaving, waxing, childbirth, more childbirth, in my case more childbirth,  intercourse, heat, cold, yeast infections, and the natural breakdown of changing skin & hormones. It’s a busy area that needs love and attention too. Even though we aren’t always comfortable talking about it we need to start. Let’s start with some basic anatomy. The vulva is the outside of vaginal area which includes the lips, the clitoris, labia majora & minora, while the vagina is the canal. The vulva skin is like that of the skin around your eyes and just as sensitive if not more. It’s also highly connected to your hormone status which makes things more tricky. When perimenopause starts typically 35-40 and goes 8-10 years on average we can begin to experience changes from the gradual loss of estrogen like thinning of the tissues, more pale in color and loss of fullness as blood flow changes.  Ok don’t freak, I swear proper care, a healthy diet rich in plant foods, proteins and fiber will help you manage the changes. I promise Flourish Rx’s community will be providing lots of useful advice and tips so follow along. Let me be your knowledgeable girlfriend.

How often do you use it and how quickly can we see the results?

I use every night as part of my bedtime routine. I am menopausal so full results take me about 4 weeks, but there are instant benefits too!  While other customers report immediate feelings to others needing varying amount of time and more or less days of the week. That’s the interesting thing about CBD, your body has its own connection based on your individual endocannabinoid system. Most of my clients use the product at least 5-6 days a week as part of their nightly ritual. A little application 1-3 hours prior to intercourse will have you feeling a lovely boost too! Its not just a helper in the bedroom either there’s much more to this product in the way of helping the skin age well, reduce bumps and irritations, keep blood flow at an optimal level and deal with cramps and pains that occur all throughout our cycles.  

What are your customers saying about the Yoni Oil so far? 

I love hearing all the different ways Goddess Glow is helping women. Ladies from all ages are enjoying GG. Women who struggle with PCOS or endometriosis,  just want to have extra fun,  heal from waxing or shaving, use when cramps strike and pain arises.  The mamas who after babies have had a little dip in sex drive and need a pick me up.  Ladies in the swamps of peri-menopause are enjoying the decrease in dryness and the plumping effects. Most women are delighted to have a clean, safe and organic beauty product to help support their feminine side.

Here are some of my favorite testimonial’s so far! They keep pouring in so check out our website! 

” I absolutely love Flourish Rx Goddess Glow. After having 2 kids I finally feel rejuvenated, sexier and confident” -Sloan, 40

” I couldn’t believe it actually increased my waning sex drive. I also feel plumped and soft! Win Win!” -Kelly, 38

“This product took me by surprise. I thought what could this possibly do for me but I was open to trying it out. Less than a week in I’m thinking this is amazing! I don’t know how you came up with this formulation. All I can say is, it works! Has increased desire, healed bumps from waxing and smells wonderful too! – Rebecca, 48

With Goddess Glow everything just feels better, comfort and sensation are increased and yet I’m more relaxed.  Things have been different since I started using this product. I’m telling all my friends, even my mom! – Brianna, 43

I personally have been using the oil for about a month. I have to say, it definitely makes intercourse more stimulating. It also helps after shaving, and gives everything “down there” a plumper look. Also, a few more benefits of this oil are; decreases dryness and irritation , increases blood flow and sensation, combats ingrown hairs, moisturizes shaving/waxing bumps and grooming irritation, super hydrating oil, and always remember, CBD can’t make you high!

I am SO happy about this product, and how it is helping so many women!  I love the education factor too, and just getting this conversation started for women. Thank you CANDICE!!! If you want to purchase the oil, you can use MELANIE15 for 15% off your first order! SHOP HERE 



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