Gift Guide: DAD

I don’t know about you all, but I think the men in my life are the hardest to buy for! You hate to do the same old thing every single year. But for men, styles don’t really change a lot! This year it is all about the sneakers for men. I am LOVING the Gucci tennis shoe with stripe. Super hot, and great for any age dad out there. Guys love tech gadgets and there are some cool things out there, like this little speaker he can take anywhere (it has 8 hours of battery life and is water resistant). Rag and Bone fragrances are insane; my husband has been wearing Cypress and it is delish! You also can’t go wrong with sunglasses. The “Stax” by Barton Perreira is quickly becoming a favorite!!


Or, shop at the new Suit Supply store opening in Town Center Crossing next Thursday!!! It is hands down my husbands favorite; and we are so lucky to be getting it here in KC. They have everything from denim to black tie. Your guys will love it.


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