FITNESS FRIDAY: 30 Day Challenge progress

Happy Friday everyone! Friday has new meaning, since going “dry” Monday through Thursday. I find that I am definitely craving a drink by the end of the week! Out of everything that I am challenging myself on; this has been the hardest. I also think sometimes when you can’t have something, you want it more.

I have been by no means to the book perfect on this challenge. We have had things come up where celebrations are in order, desserts are being served, cocktails are being passed and it’s just hard to say no. Today I caved and had a drink because it was gorgeous outside and I just wanted a cocktail (insert guilt here).

Clean eating is not hard for me, because of the things I have cut out of my diet for the past 2 years. So, I have been great on sticking to the eating plan portion of it during the week. Weekends are another story. I am still allowing the weekend splurges but, trying not to go too crazy.

I was doing so good with my workouts until this week. This might be TMI but as I have gotten older (and post babies) my periods are awful. Painful, heavy, the works. Sooooo, I pretty much can’t workout the first few days of the cycle. It’s annoying, and frustrating but what can you do? It’s a part of life! So, I will just have to try to get in an extra workout this weekend.

I haven’t weighed myself yet, but I feel my clothes are fitting a bit looser. I am anxious to see where I am at in two more weeks.

Nike sent me some new shoes to try out and I can’t wait! I love my Nike Free running shoes and am anxious to try the training shoes as well. Happy Weekend everyone!




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