Female issues Part 2.

I had shared a few months ago about issues I was having with my period. I wanted to share some things that have helped me tremendously. I feel like I have gotten my life back! Thank you to all of you for your great recommendations!

 Every body is different, so they may not work for you but it is always worth it to give it a shot.

The first thing I did was switch to all natural tampons and pads. I had heard that brands like playtex have chemicals in them that make you bleed more!!! I am not sure this is true, but I was willing to try anything to lessen my flow, and eliminate clotting. I switched to Cora immediately. They even have Super Plus tampons. Beware, they are expensive. But I think they are so much better for your body. I noticed a difference after using them for 2 months. My flow started to be less heavy, and the clots got smaller. I was still using super plus, but not going through them as fast.

I have tried to have less sugar and alcohol (this lasted until mid quarantine). I definitely noticed less PMS symptoms.

Eating whole foods; a healthy diet rich in vitamins will help all issues. There is something called seed cycling which people say does help with PMS, but I personally haven’t done it. I am just trying to eat Pumpkin seeds everyday, which are a great source of Magnesum, protein, zinc and Iron.

I was having terrible migraines at the beginning and end of my period. I tried EVERY natural way to prevent them and nothing was working. I have caved and I now have prescription medication. It is not ideal, but for me it is getting a few days of my life back every month! I can’t afford to be down; especially now with the kids home all day long. So, I am grateful to have a way to manage the pain when a headache hits.

My mom does a lot of reading on holistic healing. She had heard great things about Vitex. It is a natural herb that can help with increase progesterone, promote hormone balance, improve mood, regulate your cycle, improve libido and combat PMS. I have been taking it for 3 months, and I have noticed a huge difference. I feel like a new person. I think right now this has been the game changer for me. There is a great article on Vitex HERE. You have to take it every day for months to see a difference. You also have to have a very clean diet to also be able to have good results with this. I have been dairy and gluten free for 8 years. I do struggle with sugar,  but my caffeine and alcohol consumption are pretty minimal. But read the article, it will give you great info on how to use vitex, and what it is good for! THIS is a very reputable brand of Vitex, and comes highly recommended.

I absolutely love FLO living, which has been so helpful in understanding and managing my symptoms. There is a great article on PMS here. 

I am thrilled to share that last month I didn’t even have to use a super plus tampon! For me, that was huge, considering I would go through 1 an hour on some days. I know that every month will probably be different, but I was thrilled to see changes happening!!!

If you are struggling every month, I hope this can help! xoxo



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