Everyday Lips

Everyday lip color is hard. You want to wear something that gives you a little bit of life, but not look like you are heading out for cocktail hour. I have tried on many lipsticks and glosses. I am partial to those with pink or slightly peach undertones. I can’t go too nude or I look sick; so I have found the perfect happy medium with these shades.

Smith and Cult glosses are my everyday go to. They don’t dry out your lips, they are soft pigmented colors and they layer nicely over lipsticks to give a little bit of shine. Here are my 3 favorite colors left to right:

Flesh Riot is great for winter, Fade The Sun for all year round, and Her Name Bubbles for summer when you have a tan.

I do love lipsticks too! This shade by Bobbi Brown called Sandwash Pink is my go-to everyday in the winter months because it is not too bright, but still has pink undertones. It looks great with flesh riot lip gloss layered on top.

I spent some time at Blue Mercury a few weeks ago trying to match an old Chanel Color that was my FAVORITE for spring. I came up with this color called “Dreamer” by Hourglass. This brand is new to me, but I love their colors. I also like the formulation of the lipstick. It has a luxurious blend of Shea Butter, Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower Seed which give the appearance of softer, fuller lips. It gives you a really nice satin finish, and a good pop of color. This has more coral undertones and I think it will be great for summer.



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