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We can all relate to the first time shopping post baby. Almost 9 years later, and I still remember it vividly.

I still looked pregnant, and I believe someone at the store asked me when I was “due”?! My body was a mess, I was exhausted and I just wanted to find something cute to wear, because the thought of putting maternity clothes back on was just depressing. I remember settling for something that was just “ok” because it worked.

Throw a baby into the mix, and that’s a whole other ballgame! I remember the first time trying to figure out my stupid stroller, and hauling it in and out of my car. The amount of diaper changes, and full body sweats as you try to nurse your baby in a fitting room. It’s just not a pleasant experience.

If you follow me on social, you saw that I was at Evereve corporate offices in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. I was chosen to be part of their “Style Crew” for 2017. I am incredibly honored to be part of this group and to be able to represent a brand and a company that was built for moms, by a mom, who celebrates them for the powerful, incredible, hard working women that they are!

snapshots from the beautiful Evereve Corporate office in Edina, MN. 

With my new friends and fellow mamas! Meet the Evereve Style Crew…

Shaynah (@ruffledsnob on instagram), Landyn, Liz, Caroline

One of the highlights of the trip was having the opportunity to meet and spend time with the C0-founder and Co-CEO, Megan Tamte. Hearing her story in person was nothing short of amazing. It also felt strangely familiar.

Here I am with the beautiful (inside and out!) Megan Tamte

She recounted to us the time she first took her newborn baby shopping. She had been in a funk, post baby. So, her kind husband sent her shopping to get something new to make her feel better. With her baby in tow she headed towards her favorite department store. What should have been a great experience, was just the opposite. Everything that could have gone wrong did; leaving her feeling completely deflated. She wondered why wasn’t there a store that a mom could go into and feel completely comfortable and have a seamless, easy shopping experience?

Megan had a dream of creating this great retail experience for Moms. She spent years thinking about a place where you could go and you wouldn’t have to question if the clothes were too “young” looking, or whether they were appropriate for a mom to wear.

 image via Kris Drake Photography 

It would be an environment that your kids would also love to come, and feel comfortable in. (To this day you will find a section for kids, complete with toys and a jar of goldfish).

The service would be top notch, so that you could get in and out quickly! Because we know that shopping with kids is like walking around with a ticking time bomb.  The clothes would be on trend, comfortable, easy to care for and make you feel just the right amount of sexy and cute without trying to hard. The clothes would take you from carpool to soccer practice to date night or happy hour with friends.

image via Kris Drake Photography

After many years of thinking and praying and creating a business plan, Evereve (formerly Hot Mama) was born! They opened their first store in Edina, MN in 2004; and now they have over 70 stores across the company. They also recently launched Trendsend, which is a style subscription service geared towards the mom that wants to shop but has zero time. They don’t use an algorithm, and have stylists dedicated to creating the most personalized subscription out there. It is genius; and I would highly recommend it!

I am almost 40, I have 2 kids under the age of 9; I juggle multiple jobs, my house, a puppy and a (sometimes) absent minded husband.

Life is crazy. And truthfully, there are some days that I just would rather curl up in bed in my sweatpants. But, getting dressed in an outfit I love and feeling good is way more important. Because if I look good, I feel great, and that will effect what I do and how I carry myself the entire day.

Outfit from Evereve: Dress, Jacket, Booties by Lucky Brand (available in select Evereve Stores)

So, thank you Megan and Evereve for recognizing that Moms want to look good too; because dressing like a mom IS cool.

Stay tuned next week for my favorite early spring items from Evereve; and a way to create your own “mom capsule wardrobe”.



  1. Thanks for this – you inspired me to go back! With the name change, I wasn’t certain if it was a brand change as well. Also, it can be intimidating to be a size 14 and shop in there, though the women working there never make you feel that way. They are so kind, patient, and really listen. Plus the store is always clean and smells nice. I’m filling out the TrendSend profile now – I’ve never heard of it. Thank you!

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