Contain Yourself

I will fully admit that I am a tad OCD when it comes to organization and cleanliness. I guess that is why I chose to clean out closets for a living 🙂 I believe everything has its place, and clutter drives me crazy. I wish I wasn’t so particular about organization, but it’s in my genes (thanks Dad!).

I did a jump for joy when I heard the Container Store was coming to KC. I used to shop CS when I lived in Chicago; it truly is an organizers dream. When the CS PR team asked me to come for a blogger preview, I of course accepted! I couldn’t wait to see the wall to wall organization tools in all their glory.



Their is a box, tool, and container for every part of your life! Whether you are doing a home office, playroom or pantry they have you covered.IMG_1062

I could have gone crazy in the kitchen section, I need to go back and just spend an hour in that corner of the store! Loved these cute containers for kids snacks and lunches.


They also have an adorable gift wrap section…all beautifully colorized of course


The Container Store has added closet customization to their repertoire. You can work with a designer to create the closet of your dreams! The whole closet organization part of the store was right up my alley…hangers, on hangers on hangers. Fabulous jewelry storage, shoe storage, and under bed storage. I can’t WAIT to go back and get a few things to spruce up my little closet. My husband’s side needs some major work!


My friend Noey and I were drooling over the custom closet options. This walk in had a pull out full length mirror, that conveniently tucks back into the wall when you are done using it.



The store is beautiful, and a wonderful addition to Kansas City! It is located in Hawthorne Plaza at 4701 W. 119th Street. For those of you without a Container Store in your town, you can visit their online store HERE. 


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