Are your cocktails killing your fitness?

One of the biggest things that can kill your diet and fitness plan are your alcoholic beverages. You may work your ass off during your workouts, but if you are coming home and having a couple of beers a night you just ruined everything you did at the gym that day! A lot of our favorite drinks are packed with sugar, carbs and empty calories.

Here are my cliff’s notes for fitness friendly drinks…

Wine is not that bad for you…in moderation. If you check the ABV (Alcohol by Volume Percentage) you can gauge the calories you will be getting. lower ABV means lower calories. If the ABV is 9-12, a 6 oz pour will be around 110-140 calories. The lower ABV’s in white are in the dryer wines like pinot grigio. Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay’s are higher in alcohol, which in turn has a higher calorie count.

In general, most white wines are lower in Alcohol and calories than Reds. Beware of Pinot Noir or Syrah that can have up to 200 calories per glass.

I am a bubbles girl, but it pains me that it has the highest sugar content. Go for ones that are of a Brut nature, which tend to have less sugar. Prosecco is the worst; as Italy does not have as strict of rules about the amount of sugar added to their sparkling wines.

You all will be happy that Rose will not kill your waistline; it is lower in alcohol and sugar content! If you are a red girl, this is a nice alternative especially during the summer months.


Go for the classics! Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila and Whiskey in their pure form are under 65 calories.  So, if you go for one of these, and keep the drinks clean you can save on calories.

I typically order Vodka soda’s with a lemon and a lime because they are under 100 calories and I rarely get a hangover from them. The lemon and lime gives it a little more flavor and can be very refreshing.

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I also like to mix it up with a Gimlet made with Vodka (or gin) which is around 178 calories. A traditional Gimlet is just Gin or vodka mixed with slightly sweetened fresh squeezed lime juice, served up in a chilled martini glass. Titos is gluten free, and probably my favorite Vodka to use in drinks.

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I LOVE Margarita’s. But over the years, I have gotten a little picky about how I order them. Avoid a pre mixed margarita at all costs! They are packed with sugar, and typically just not good. When ordering, get a high quality tequila (Don Julio Blanco is a good one) with fresh squeezed lime juice, a little agave and or Cointreau. This is the perfect skinny margarita.

I have also started drinking Paloma’s are a  blend of grapefruit juice, soda, and lime. Skip the sugar or salt around the rum for an even healthier cocktail! Coming in at 166 calories they are a great option

I am not a Bourbon girl, but Old Fashions are only 154 calories! The only ingredients are Bourbon, Bitters and a touch of sugar.

If you are wanting to know the worst drinks for you? Here you go! Add these to the “only on a very special occasion” list 🙂

Long Island 425 calories

White Russian 500 calories

Irish Coffee 300 calories

Pina Colada 600 (omg) calories

Eggnog 400 calories

Beer (if it is not a light beer) 300-400 calories

Daiquiri 450 Calories

Keep your drinks clean, and limit yourself to only a few nights a week and you will be golden!


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  1. If I’m drinking at home, I add some sparkling water to my glass of Rose or Riesling. Makes it nice and bubbly and also cuts some of the calories. 🙂

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