What to buy now: Outerwear!

photos by Ruthie Melies photographed at the Crossroads Hotel Kansas City 

This is both a save + a splurge post! Right now is the BEST time to get outerwear. Most styles are on sale, which means you could save a significant amount on a timeless pieces. It also is not a bad time to invest in a coat you maybe have had your eye on for a few months. If there is one thing I don’t regret, it is splurging on outerwear.

We buy outerwear for a reason; most of the time it is to keep us warm or protect from the elements. If you buy a cheap coat, make sure it is a fun fashion item, and not a coat that you intend to really keep you warm all winter long.  Invest in 100% wool or 100% down filled coat that will hold up over time, and really keep you warm. I saved up and bought the coat pictured here last year and it has been the BEST investment. It dresses up or down, and it is surprisingly warm, but super lightweight. It is online HERE.

I searched my favorite sites high and low, and here are some current favorites at a variety of price points:


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