What to buy now: The Perfect White Tee

White Tee’s: To splurge or to save? I am on team splurge for this, and I will give you my reasoning. First of all, don’t underestimate the greatness of a perfect white tee shirt. They are the 1 thing in your closet that goes with everything. EVERYTHING! They layer, dress up or down depending on what you put them with, and they can be worn all year long.

Second, I have bought many target or old navy tee’s over the years. And they are completely fine, I will still maybe buy 1 a season. But what I find is that they look great until you wash them. Once you wash them, they completely shrink or lose their shape and even the drape that they had pre-wash is gone.

wearing Splendid with Sierra Winter Jewelry 

Everytime I have spent more on a tee shirt; I have worn it like CRAZY. I may have spent $60-$70 on it, but I get a couple of years worth out of it. I layer them under everything; or wear them alone and make my accessories the statement. I do feel like they are worth spending a little bit more on.


For under $20 tee’s I would definitely choose Madewell. For Mid range I like Splendid, and Monrow. And for a splurge, I am kind of digging the higher neck bodysuit which looks killer with all of the high waisted denim we are seeing!

Here are my current favorites:


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