Build Your Own Brand Workshop

There are many of you out there that are wanting to start your own side hustle; be it a small business, a blog, a store, you name it! But many of us are afraid. Sometimes we have great ideas in our head, but are scared to put it on paper. To make those thoughts come to life.

If you have a passion or dream that you want to chase, now is the time! Myself, along with PR maven Kathryn Snellen and Pro Photographer Ruthie Stark will be hosting a Build Your Own Brand workshop on March 24th from 10-2 at the Market Studio. We will be helping you with the basics of getting started. In this workshop, you will experience a mix of hands-on training and application, along with insider insight from our team. Get ready for an afternoon of branding exercises, photography styling stations and more. You will walk away with the following:

– BYOB workbook filled with brand tips & exercises

– Lunch and light bites* (please plan accordingly if you have any dietary restrictions)

– Gift bag featuring our favorite items

– 2 high-res photos of your work


We only have a handful of spots left, so sign up before they are gone! You can purchase tickets HERE. 



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  1. Hi, Melanie!

    I’m am one part of the mom boss duo at Ethan + Anna Children’s Boutique in Topeka. I came across your page while going down an Instagram rabbit hole last night as I was laying in bed waiting for my 2 year old son to *finally* fall asleep. Miraculously enough, I remembered this morning to follow up and check out your blog, where I found the BYOB workshop information. I was completely bummed to see it was already sold out. (Kudos to you!) My biz partner, Kim, and I would love to come. Do you have a waitlist? Or might you be planning a similar event in the future?

    Thanks so much!
    Aimee Rosenow

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