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My grandmother “Granny” I am sure had something to do with my love of beauty products at a young age. I remember she had drawers full of makeup. And she always had the same shade of a sparkle coral lipstick, I believe by Revlon that had this distinct smell. My mom tells the story about when I was 3, I could perfectly put on lipstick. Totally within the lines, not a speck on my face 🙂 Granny also had a variety of creams and tonics that lined her vanity. She was so sweet to let me play around with all of her things.

I was a drugstore beauty lover until High School when I started working at Nordstrom. I was now exposed to a whole new level of beauty products. M.A.C cosmetics became a haven for me, and I started to invest in skincare at Kiehl’s. I remember my first eye cream purchase right out of college! From then on it was all downhill. I was totally sucked in.

Living in Chicago and working on Michigan Ave exposed me to SO many things. I fell in love with the cosmetics department at Barney’s. I remember after work, I would walk 2 blocks and spend an hour there, just trying everything. Or getting my makeup done after work before going out on the weekends. At 23, I had no business shopping there, but I loved the opportunity to discover products from all over the world. This is where I discovered the Shu Eumura eyelash curler, and Stila lipgloss. I found a fragrance by Comptoir Sud that smelled like a beach vacation.

Bravco in Chicago was another favorite. This tiny little family run store on Oak Street had the most wonderful hair products, every color of OPI nail polish (which wasn’t everywhere at that time) and unique finds that you could’t get anywhere else. It was a little gem in the gold coast.

I stumbled upon a Beauty Collection store just a few months ago. Funny enough it is right next to my dry cleaner. But, from the outside I could not figure out what the store was. It was always hard to see inside the windows. I decided to just pop in there one day, and when I walked in it was like I had walked into my own personal beauty sanctuary! Literally every single line I love; especially a lot of great natural and organic skincare lines. Hair products you can’t find everywhere else. My favorite Comptoir Sud fragrance line which I had not seen since Barney’s in the early 2000’s!!!! I was in heaven!!! It is a perfectly curated little store, packed with fabulous items.

I love that they carry Oribe and Sachajuan products which we use daily. My son and husband love the Sachajuan hair paste. The Oribe dry texturizing spray is amazing too! They carry Rahua haircare which is amazing if you are going the more natural route.

They have RMS, Eminence, Arcona, Tata Harper, and Ogee skincare which are all amazing lines!

They have great fragrance brands, Comptoir Sud and Creed being 2 of my favorites.

As far as cosmetics, you will find RMS, Kevyn Aucoin, and other great makeup lines as well

They also have super cute hair accessories. And they carry the BLAX brand of hair bands which you literally can’t find anywhere!

Here are a few things that I always have in my bag that I got recently at Beauty Collection! We love the Sun Bum hand sanitizer which smells incredible; along with all of their sunscreen lines. I have been using the Colorscience mineral sunscreen powder for YEARS. This is a must to keep in your purse. For dry hands the Jurlique rose hand cream is divine; it smells SO good. And for lips I love the Sara Happ lip slip for shine, and the Kevyn Aucoin Tory lipstick for a soft, matte color!



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