Barefoot and Pregnant

This baby is coming any day now! I am almost at my 38th week and the days are flying by. Surprisingly, I am still feeling pretty comfortable. Outside of the expected tiredness in the evenings and occasional back pain…
 I am just so over my clothes right now. I am pretty much living in leggings and long tops which seem to be the most comfortable option!

Leggings: Hue Wide Waistband (still wearing these…after 8 months!)
Scarf: My new favorite pom trim scarf from Old Navy (on sale for $9)
barefoot…because my shoes feel terrible right now!! ugh! 



  1. my last couple weeks I was pregnant with Scarlett I bought everything from H & M, they were completely stretched out by the time I delivered but I didn’t care, I think once you wear something when you are pregnant the thought of wearing it non pregnant sounds awful.

    BTW you look so darn cute!!

  2. You look incredible! Pregnancy looks good on you as does everything you wear! I am so excited for your family! xoxoxoxo Donna

    1. I owe everything to the Bar Method! It has really made a difference this pregnancy. I only have gained 21 pounds so far as opposed to the 35-40 I gained with my son!

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