Back to KC…

Going back to visit a place that you lived for 10 years, but is no longer your home is a strange experience. Everything is the same, yet everything feels so different.

Last year when we visited I was not in a good place. I was very much still adjusting to our new home in LA, and being back around the holidays brought so many emotions to the forefront. I cried. I felt like I was torn between my two worlds. Overall, it was just not a great trip for me, personally.  While it was of course so good to see friends and family, it almost made it harder for me. And it may be why it took almost a year for me to go back.

Going back this time around was a whole different experience for me. I feel much more settled now; it has taken over a year but we really are happy to have made California our home. I treasure our dear friends, my children’s friends and our family in Kansas City. But we have also fallen in love with our new home, surroundings, and friends we have made here. Health House is also now open in LA, which I think makes us feel more “complete” if that makes sense.

Going back “home” is great because everything is familiar. Everyone was so kind and sweet, welcoming us back. It felt good to see so many familiar faces everywhere we went. Here we are new and can fly under the radar. You forget how you run into so many people you know, when you have lived somewhere for 10 years.

I loved just DRIVING, and not being in traffic. Everyones homes and yards seemed enormous. Here we are packed so tight into our lots, and the houses are tall and they are deep. Whereas in Kansas City they feel sprawling. I loved seeing the fall trees, I couldn’t stop admiring how beautiful the trees were and also how big they seemed! Driving through Mission Hills was a stunning experience,  especially when the leaves are turning.

The kids were ecstatic about arriving to falling snow, it’s amazing how much they miss it when they don’t see it for a year! It was a nice little taste of winter 🙂

I jammed a lot into a few days. I have so many friends that I have made through blogging/writing/styling that I wanted to support them and visit their stores/businesses, etc. It was a lot to put on myself, but I am glad that I did it! I am always proud at what female entrepreneurs are bringing to KC!

Shop Jorjy in Brookside

EB & Co Brookside

Sierra Winter Jewelry Brookside

Scoobie in Prairie Village

Welwythn Prairie Village

The kids were happy as can be with all their friends. I barely saw Julian he went from house to house. He was in heaven 🙂 All of his best buds, all weekend long.


I adored seeing Jon’s family and our closest friends. With Jon’s dad not in good health, the focus was on spending the most amount of time with him and my mother in law. But, I did get to see friends a few nights while in town. Jon spent majority of his time at Health House and the remaining time was with his parents. It was a really good trip for him, and I am glad he got he had quality time at both places.

Again, there never ever seems to be enough time to squeeze it all in. It’s overwhelming. But I have learned *after this trip* that you just have to take it day by day and know that you can’t spend the amount of time you want to with everyone.

wearing vintage from Dear Society (one of my fave KC stores!)

In the end, Kansas City is growing, and I love seeing all of the great new additions to the city! It is full of charm, and wonderful people, and visionary entrepreneurs. I am proud of the city itself, and I look forward to seeing the beautiful new additions that it will make!

I can’t wait to get back this summer!!!






  1. Love this behind the scenes you shared with us. It’s great to hear your perspective on two great areas to live in. Especially love you highlighting some of the smaller business in KC. I come to visit there as much as possible, but hard to know where to go sometimes. Appreciate you!

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