Back on Track

It is time to hit the reset button! After a trip to New Orleans, Spring Break (which seemed to last forever) and then March Madness basketball, my body pretty much hates me.

My workouts have been pretty consistent, but my diet has been less than perfect! I am usually SO good and dedicated to eating really clean and not drinking during the week but this last month has been brutal. I can tell I am more bloated, my skin has been breaking out and my pants feel a little tighter. I have been lacking in energy too, which I really hate.

All of these things make me realize how important diet really is. Especially since I hit 40, I have to watch everything that I eat. I splurge on vacations; having cheese, gluten and more desserts than normal. While they taste great at the time, I usually regret the decision later. We were also eating out more, which is hard to control what is actually going into your food. Cooking at home Sunday-Thursday is the goal. And then we typically give ourselves a break on the weekends.

It is no fun playing catch up, but the good thing is you can always clean up your diet and it doesn’t take long to see the results. If you have fallen off the wagon with your workouts, you just have to jump right back in. I always say, it’s like pulling off a bandaid but you always feel SO much better once you do it.

I have worked out 5 straight days since last week. I felt awful at first; light headed and weak, super slow on the rower. But by today I felt stronger than ever. It doesn’t take all that long to get back into your stride again!

So, don’t let yourself get discouraged. Ease into it if you have to. But know that you will always feel a million times better if you eat clean, take care of yourself, drink a lot of water and fit in at least 4-5 workouts a week!




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