All that glitters…

A year ago, my grandmother who was turning 90 gave each of her granddaughter’s one of her diamond rings. My grandma Jean LOVED jewelry, and she still does. She is now in assisted living, but still rocks her stack of chunky silver bracelets every day, and throws on a big necklace when she goes out. I can really attribute my love of jewelry to her.

I got the wide band with the big diamond. It’s a gorgeous ring, and I remember trying it on frequently as a child. After trying to wear it, the high set diamond was getting in the way. And, it was a little bit too big to wear as a right hand ring. I struggled with the idea of keeping the ring, or making it into something I would wear often. It was hard to make that decision, but I really wanted to be able to make the most out of this beautiful heirloom I was given.

I had been working with the team at Glitters Fine Jewelry for Simply KC Magazine and grew fond of the staff there. I brought them my pieces, with hopes that they could help me turn my vision into a reality. After consulting with Glitter’s owner, Debbie she assured me we could make this happen.

I have always wanted a diamond lariat, something I could dress up or wear dressed down. I thought this would be the perfect way to use the diamond from the ring. Debbie and Andrea then suggested I keep the band, and they would buff it out for me, and I could wear that on my right hand. I also had a bunch of rings I had received in my teen and college years. I asked if we could take two of them and then turn them into a knuckle ring. We also took one of the small diamonds from the tiny rings to put at the end of the lariat. We still have the opals, which we may work on putting into a necklace eventually.

The Glitters ladies and I spent some time looking at chains, where we wanted the diamond to sit, and how long the lariat should be. It was a very fun process, and they were amazing to work with. Thank you so much team Glitters for bringing new life to my old pieces!

Here is the before, along with some inspiration for the lariat. 

And here is the after! We have named it the “L J Lariat” after my grandma, Lou Jean Metzger.

photos by Ruthie Stark Photography

One of my favorite things about the lariat is that the unique chain that we picked. Also, it has a slider which allows you to adjust the length without unclasping it! If you want to make one of your own, ask for the L J Lariat when you go to Glitters.

The rings are perfect, and I wear them almost everyday

I could not be more HAPPY with my newly renovated jewelry! If you want to purchase new or give an old piece new life, visit Glitters Fine Jewelry at 4250 W 119th St, Leawood, KS 66209 in camelot court or on social media @glittersfinejewelry


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