About Me

In the blogging world, I guess you could say I am an “old timer”. This blog was established long before Pinterest, Like to Know it, or even Instagram for that matter.

I started Scout back in 2009 after I had quit my career in the fashion industry to stay home with my first born. I was missing that rush and excitement of a fast paced career. So, I decided to fill that creative void by writing about all of the things that I love from fashion to beauty, health, travel and fitness, and sharing pieces of my personal life along the way.

12 years later and here I am! I am 44, with two kids (13 and 9), and I am the the owner or Miaca Marketing, and the Co-Owner of Health House; a boutique rowing/cross training studio.  I am passionate about being healthy + happy as I get older, staying current, but also sticking to my classic with a twist sense of style, and continue to be inspired through our travels, exploring and experiencing all that Los Angeles has to offer. 

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have started my own Social Media Marketing business called Miaca Marketing. Over a  decade of experience growing my personal and our businesses social media presence I quickly realized that helping businesses grow on social is a true passion of mine!  Making the leap to start my own company is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am grateful to do what I love everyday.

 Follow us along on our journey; it all gets documented here!

Thank you to all of you who have been with me through the years, it means the world!