About Me

In the blogging world, I guess you could say I am an “old timer”. This blog was established long before Pinterest, Like to Know it, or even Instagram for that matter.

I started Scout back in 2009 after I had quit my career in the fashion industry to stay home with my first born. I was missing that rush and excitement of a fast paced career. So, I decided to fill that creative void by writing about all of the things that I love from fashion to beauty, health, travel and fitness, and sharing pieces of my personal life along the way.

10 years later and here I am! I am 41, with two kids (10 and 6), and I am the the Co-Owner of Health House; a boutique rowing/cross training studio.  I am passionate about being healthy + happy as I get older, staying current, but also sticking to my classic with a twist sense of style, and continue to be inspired through our travels, decorating my home, and experiencing all that Los Angeles has to offer. 

Our family recently made the move to Los Angeles to open Health House studios in Southern California. Right now I am just getting our family settled into our new home, school and community. But I continue to write, which really is therapeutic to me. Hopefully I will get my styling career back up and running, but until then I am happy to continue doing this. 

 Follow us along on our journey; it all gets documented here!

Thank you to all of you who have been with me through the years, I can’t thank you enough,