A special makeover

In May I offered a Mother’s Day makeover with the The Country Club Plaza for a deserving mom. I was looking for heartfelt submissions; someone who really needed the extra TLC. Maybe they have had a rough year, or have been through a lot and don’t get to pamper themselves often.

After reading all of your submissions, Jessica’s story about her mom definitely stood out. Here is her submission:

“I would love to give my mom the opportunity to pamper herself! She has been a single mother since I was 3, raised me and my sister living paycheck to paycheck. Working to make a life for us when we were younger to be able to do all the things we wanted to do. She has overcome two different types of cancer within the past 18 years and I am happy to say she has been cancer free for the past 9. She never missed a soccer game, or extracurricular event of mine and my sisters while going through chemo and those hard times. I know that she would LOVE to have a day focused on feeing pretty again. She is the most giving, helpful, strong woman I know. Who still to this day works her tail off and definitely deserves something like this! “

Here is Jessica and her darling mom, Cindy! I was so excited that they were going to spend this day together. We started off with shopping at Evereve. Cindy was so fun, and loved showing us all the outfits.

We really adored this dress, but it was a little too small so she decided to pass on it.

This dress was fun, but not our favorite

We all liked this outfit the best, especially the denim! She said she has a hard time with skinny jeans because of her calves. But these fit her great, because they were a slight cropped flare by 7 For All Mankind. The Kimono was not something she would have picked for herself, but she loved it. We decided she could wear it like this or even thrown over a little dress.

We also really liked this cute top by Michael Stars, but decided the Kimono was our favorite piece.

Cindy ended up with an entire outfit (thanks Evereve and The Country Club Plaza for the gift cards!) And then it was on to hair and makeup.

We met up with Liz at Blue Mercury who talked through with Cindy her skin and makeup routine. Based on Cindy’s lifestyle, Liz put together a very simple, no-nonsense, easy everyday look.

Here is the before:

Liz working her magic!

 It was a very emotional moment when she looked in the mirror. It’s amazing what just a little makeup can do. She looked beautiful, but most importantly she felt beautiful. Thank you to Liz for doing such an amazing job!

Last stop was a blowout at Parlor…

Here is the end result after hair and makeup! It was still her, just more polished! The hair and makeup was just right, and she loved it. Thank you Parlor!

My favorite thing about this makeover was seeing her confidence grow. Her smile grew, she was having fun, and she felt great. Here she is with her new look. She truly was glowing!

Thank you Jessica for nominating your sweet mom. And thanks to Cindy for being open to the makeover. I hope you had a great time!


It was a fun and rewarding day, and I can’t wait to do it again in the future!


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