30 days of Self Care

Self care at home. This sounds terrible to be honest; I am desperately needing a pedicure right now! ha! But, I think more than ever we need to carve out time for JUST us. I have noticed that my days are consumed with my kids, and if I don’t give myself a break I will go absolutely crazy.

So, I came up with a list of 30 things you can do. I am going to carve out at least 1 hour a day for just me. Even if that means just hide in a room and lock the door!!!!

Do these things by yourself, and incorporate your kids on a separate day (for massages, pedicures, etc). I am also linking at the bottom all of the things you may want/need to do these things at home

  • Do your makeup! I personally feel better if I am getting dressed and getting ready each day (or every other day 🙂 TBH)
  • Pedicure: soak your feet, exfoliate, have your kids rub your feet for 15 minutes. Change your polish! Linking an at home pedicure bath, tools and fave polish colors below.
  • Facial: Cleanse your face, boil water and put your face (not too close!) over the steam, exfoliate, do a mask, do under eye patches
  • Workout: All of the best studios are doing at home workouts, either via IG Live or IG TV. My favorites are: @health_house @lindseyharrod @aubrewinters @sohoyoga @rootedbeings (for meditation) @alomoves
  • Stretch: checkout @juliamorgan.dc for amazing stretching at home
  • Meditate: we are doing this every morning and night as a family. I am using Waking Up with Sam Harris, which actually teaches you how to meditate which I think is important
  • Nap: I have no shame in this game. Take a nooner if you have to!
  • Take a bath: buy yourself some amazing bath gel or bath salts, light a candle, and relax in peace
  • Read: I have fallen off the reading train, but hoping to get back on! If you want some of my favorite books, you can find them HERE. 
  • Clean out your closet: surprisingly therapeutic and you can make room for the new clothes you buy once we can get out and shop again! You can find all of my favorite closet organization tools on this blog post 
  • Once you are done cleaning out your closet, create a Zoom meeting and do a virtual clothing swap with friends. It’s like shopping, but free 🙂
  • Foam roll: this is SO good for you. And it is like a massage without having to pay someone. Trigger Point foam rollers are by far the best I have used.
  • Yoga: there are so many great online resources right now! Check out @alomoves and @sohoyoga
  • Face Mask: order a few products to try! We need all the help we can get right now, right?!
  • Online shop/browse. If we can’t shop in stores, we can do it online! A lot of places are offering discounts right now. I am going to try to buy something from a local store each week, just to show my support. With the big box stores, just make a virtual shopping cart to buy later 🙂
  • Write a letter to someone: at least we can still receive mail! Send a letter to someone you love 🙂
  • Lay out your goals for post-corona quarantine: for me it will be seeing my friends in person, eating at favorite restaurants, taking an anniversary trip with my husband
  • Dry Brush: This is something amazing we all should be doing for our bodies. Benefits of dry brushing are:
  • t’s Exfoliating.
  • It Increases Circulation.
  • It’s Invigorating and Energizing.
  • Stimulate the Lymphatic System.
  • Eliminate Toxins or Detoxify the Body.
  • Aid Digestion.
  • Improve Cellulite or Balance Fat Deposits. You will find a dry brush to purchase in the links below.
  • Guasha your face: this is another great tool for your face. You can find a guasha tutorial HERE.  tool linked below
  • Exfoliate: This is something I definitely need to do! Do your face and your body! favorite exfoliators linked below
  • At home wine tasting with your spouse/significant other: Buy 3-4 bottles of red or white or both 3 different price points 🙂 put them in bags and have a tasting!
  • Foot rub: There is really nothing better! Get a family member to give you a great foot massage.
  • Buy 3 magazines and read cover to cover: pretend you are on vacation and buy your favorite airplane magazines 🙂
  • Zoom with friends over a glass of wine: It’s like a virtual happy hour! Sometimes we just need to see each other’s faces
  •  Massage: My kids love setting up a massage room. This is also a good activity to fill up some time! They use lots of pillows and blankets, a relaxing lavender mist, a warm eye mask, electric candles surrounding where you lay with spa music playing. Maybe they can even pour you a glass of wine after 🙂 ha! Find some great at home things for a massage below
  • Make something you love to eat: Splurge and go all out on your favorite meal. Enjoy every bite and forget about the calories
  • Binge watch your favorite show: Now that we have the time, go back to your favorite series and start on episode 1! (My favorites are: Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl, Schitt’s Creek, Sex and The City, The Stranger, You)

Shop all of the items for home self care below!


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