2019: Patience

Since we found out we were moving, our life went into hyper speed. March-December went like this: Find a house, find a school, sell half of our house, pack up boxes, drive across the country, unpack boxes, get kids settled at school, get them into sports/activities, worry about how they will adjust, more worrying, dealing with their sadness and adjusting, deal with a new curriculum and school challenges, try to foster new friendships for them, try to insert myself into the school/community, hosting house guests each month since we moved in, also I am now helping Jon with our business (designing the clothing for retail), we took a few trips between October and December, and then somehow navigated through the holidays. As I sit here today, I am overwhelmed with so many emotions!

I have spent the past 6 months so focused on my family and the kids that I haven’t really had time to address how I was feeling about our move. Being back in KC, reconnecting with old friends, and business contacts, and being back in our Health House studio made me realize how much I missed it. Especially those tight friendships, people you can lean on and trust, and friends that understand you.

Starting life over at 41 is HARD. I thought I would be ok with starting fresh in a new city, but the reality is that it isn’t easy. I spent 10 years building up my styling business, my blog and writing career and my reputation. Now, I have to start that process over again. Nobody knows me here (which is not a bad thing, to be able to go to Target in your pajamas and no makeup and not see anyone you know) But at the same time, it is definitely humbling.

When I moved I lost a bunch of instagram followers. Hundreds to be exact. It really HURT, especially since it was when I was just adjusting to a new city and feeling insecure. I am not someone who dwells on those #’s but it made me feel bad. What was the reason? I was speaking to a business owner in KC about it, and she made such a great point. Those of you who want to follow along with our journey are here for a reason, those who unfollow don’t want to be there so just let it go! So many of you have been reading this blog since it started 10 years ago. And some of you are brand new! I am just thankful for all of you who enjoy reading and following along. I am grateful for all of you.

I am also grateful to the new friends in LA who have extended themselves to make me/us feel welcome. It takes just 1 person to immediately make you feel at ease. I can’t imagine what these past few months would have felt without them! Thank you ladies (you know who you are)

image via Winter Stone Tattoo (PS…I REALLY want a tattoo this year!!!)

This year I am going to be focused on being patient. In my life, the best things have come about organically. I know that over time I will develop those special friendships, I know that I will find my way here career wise, and that I will once again feel like I am filling my creative soul, meanwhile doing something that I love. It just takes TIME. Patience does not come easy to me, so it will be a challenge.

My plan is to throw myself into helping Jon with the retail side of Health House, and to also continue writing. For the blog, I am going to focus on all things high vs. low; home, beauty and fashion. And also more fitness/health based on your recommendations. My goal is still to write a children’s book, so I am going to work on that this year as well. I have a few drafts, but I am going to try to perfect it so that I can start to think about either self publishing or approaching a publisher. I am excited for what is to come, and for new opportunities in Los Angeles.

Thank you for your support over the years. I want to wish you health, happiness, new experiences and joy in the New Year!

xoxo, Melanie






  1. Melanie,
    Thank you for being so honest. A few years ago, at your age, I also moved to another state. It is hard to make friends somewhere new. I went from a teacher to now staying home and working on my PhD. I feel blessed for the opportunity, but changing gears at this age is different then when I was young. I enjoy reading your posts. Take care.

  2. I just had to reach out as your blog really hit home for me. I can truly appreciate where you are coming from. Over a year ago I moved to KC from only an hour away.. My son changed schools his Junior year. We were both excited for a positive move. The school was such a better fit for him. I had friends here already and I had felt like KC was The spot I always felt at home since my middle school days. I felt I could maintain what I felt were close relationships, but for the most part, out of sight, out of mind prevailed and I rarely heard from those I considered close friends. Even my girlfriend with whom I came to KC with every week rarely came over. And those friendships I already had in KC before I moved? Well we are still friends but they haven’t grown like I thought they would. The business connections I had didn’t really grow either. At 51, I was completely starting over. Divorced after 22 years. Moved after 23 years, recovering from knee surgeries. It’s been much harder than I anticipated! Yes I’ve made lots of new friends and connections but starting my career and life over has been very challenging. I too am grateful for those new friends I can rely on. Plus (most importantly) the change in schools was so beneficial for my son.

    Know there are those of us going through similar changes. It’s not easy but it’s the right direction!

    From where I stand. It’s clear you are very talented and fearless. Success is going to come. Like me, you just need to breathe a little and stay confident your on the right path! Your going to have a fabulous 2019!

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