2 years in Los Angeles

Today marks 2 years that we landed in L.A. It’s crazy to me how much has changed for us over the past 730 days.

We pretty much live at the beach. We aren’t walking distance, but we are a short drive and right now it is the only way I am keeping my kids active! With no sports or camps happening, the beach has been our saving grace. Last year Vivi wouldn’t get up to her ankles in the water and now she is surfing. Both kids have gotten super comfortable in the water, and they both had surf lessons and are now getting up on their own. As a person who has lived in the Midwest my entire life it is so fun to see them having this opportunity to grow up at the beach!!!! I am learning all the surf lingo (which is hilarious) I now know what a springsuit is vs. a wetsuit, how to wash and hang them, I know all about what board sizes and weights and the difference between foam and fiberglass, we have a routine to getting to and from the beach and how to deal with all the sand. I told Jon I want a jeep that can get super sandy. Who am I?! LoL! This is what beach life is!!!! We are loving it. I know how lucky we are to have this so close to us, and I am truly grateful!

This year in September we finally opened the doors to Health House WEHO. And then, 6 months later we have had to close them due to Covid. We had to quickly pivot to an online platform; our team has worked SO hard to bring high quality, energetic workouts that make you feel like you are actually in the studio.  We are thrilled to be reaching people across the globe, something we didn’t foresee happening so soon. Although this is a very stressful time,  and it has hard to see farther than each day, we feel grateful to still be able to provide Health House workouts to our clients! Even if it is in the safety of their homes. If you want to join, and help support our small biz, you can sign up HERE. It is only $19.99 a month and your first month is free!

This year was an exciting one for me personally. I feel like I really have gotten into a groove, and have found my place here. It took a while; definitely over a year. I was very insecure about making my place in a new town. But, I didn’t force it and I let things happen organically. I have made amazing mom, small biz owner and friends in the creative space. I have re-connected with High School friends from Minnesota that all live here! And in January of 2020, I started my own Social Media Marketing business. I feel lucky to have been working through the pandemic, and to also have picked up some new clients in the last few months. I have always worked and I need to be challenged. So, starting this business has been very beneficial for my happiness and mental health.

There is a mass exodus from California right now; as a lot of businesses are still not able to reopen. Schools are not starting in person in any capacity, from what I have seen so far. But I am a newbie to California! I don’t want to leave here. I have truly fallen in love with Los Angeles. 365 days of amazing weather, being outside all the time, driving just an hour away and you feel like you are on vacation. It’s all pretty wonderful. I am obsessed with venturing to new places in California; exploring all that it has to offer. While we haven’t done much of that the past 6 months due to the pandemic, I look forward to it when we can venture out again.

I pray that this all ends soon so we can return to normalcy and that families don’t have to be stressed about their businesses and paying the bills, and educating their children at home. I have found that I have to literally take things 1 day at a time. Because if I don’t, it causes stress and anxiety. We can only do so much, and for me it is taking all of this in baby steps.

While life in Los Angeles may look glamorous, it is a grind and it is very expensive to maintain life here. Jon is working his ass off.  I am doing my best trying to juggle my kids and no activities this summer, my work, and taking care of everything at our house. I am not complaining, because it could be way worse.  Jon and I are working very hard to do our best to keep our business afloat and to keep our family unit strong. Nobody is untouched by this, so you just need to keep this in mind when looking at others on social media. We are all struggling during this time.

As I look to the new year, I just pray that there is some peace, some good news, and something to look forward to. I think we all need a little positivity in our life.




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