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My grandmother; who we call “Granny”, had a huge influence on my love of jewelry. You may remember the lariat that Glitters Jewelry made for me, using a diamond from her ring (read about it HERE). If you have vintage jewelry that you want to rework, they do a FABULOUS job. And it will be a piece you can wear and treasure forever!

I have vivid memories of trying on all of my Granny’s rings and bracelets. She had this tiny room she used for a sewing room, and in the closet was just hooks with necklaces upon necklaces. One of my favorite pieces of hers was her silver charm bracelet. I would hold her hand and she would go through each charm with me; a treasure from her travels or a memory for each grandchild. I am sure she went through these charms with me a hundred times; but it never got old to me.

My hope is to someday pass down my memories through jewelry as well. I have started a memory band ring stack, with the help of the ladies at Glitter’s Fine Jewelry.

photo by: Anna Petrow 

It took me multiple trips to Glitter’s to finally make my decision on each band. They took notes and made a “wish list” for me each time I came to shop. But, I also love that every time I went in they had new bands to choose from. The bands aren’t terribly expensive which makes them a great Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary present. The diamond bands can range from $900 on up;  the bands with less stones or no stones at all can be $195-$350.

The first ring I got was the one with 14 diamonds, one large and one small that come together in the middle. This ring represents my two children; the larger diamond for Julian and the little one for Vivienne.

The pink stone band represents my 40th Birthday year. The pink stones are Tourmaline which is also an October birthstone (in addition to opals)

I added a gold filler band just to break up the stones; these bands are not terribly expensive and are an easy add on.

The last ring I got before we left Kansas City was this dainty diamond band. This represents a major life change, and our move to California. Ironically it also has 9 diamonds, and this happens to be my 9th year of blogging 🙂 I took this pic below in Santa Fe on our road trip from KC to California.

I hope next to add a band with my children’s birthstones (one is sapphire and one is diamond)

What I love most about these rings, is that I can wear them everyday. I sometimes wear them all together, or maybe just one or two. I layer them with my knuckle ring, and my big gold band that was repurposed from my Grandmother’s diamond ring. I would much rather invest in jewelry like this that not only has meaning but can be handed down to further generations.

Visit the wonderful staff of ladies at Glitters Fine Jewelry to create your wish list for the holidays! Also, if you create a profile on their website, you will get a percentage off one item during your birth month!


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