10 years, and counting.

10.5 years ago, I was a new mom who had just left her career in fashion to stay home with her new baby. I was kind of in the place I am now; feeling a little out of sorts, trying to find my way in a new “work role” while still doing something for myself. I was missing a piece of myself; something to fill that creative void that working in fashion filled for me.

 Around this time “blogging” was becoming a thing.  My good friend Kelly had started a party blog, ( which turned into her paper empire WH Hostess.) and it inspired me to start writing something of my own.

Fashion, Beauty, Health + Wellness and Travel are all things I am passionate about, so I decided why limit myself to one thing? Let’s just cover it all..

I came up with Scout-A Mom’s Guide To Stylish Living in April 2009. My good friend Jill designed the banner, and I just went with it.

It is still out there to be read, if you are bored. You will find posts from 2009-2013. The first 6 years was really me just sharing great finds, local places I loved, our weekends, our trips, etc. I didn’t do any original photography at that time. I was raising babies; I did not have time to be doing photo shoots. I don’t know how you young mamas do it all!

But as Vivienne got older, and as my brand expanded into styling, and writing for local publications, and doing on air work, I felt like I needed to up my game a bit. I also think original photography makes such a huge difference in making a blog more personal. So, in 2015 I started photographing outfits in addition to similar posts I had been doing before. A friend and I would meet and shoot multiple outfits. I did all of my own editing, and it was very novice. But, it was my own and I felt good about that.

Then, I started working with professional photographers! Samantha Levi took my first professional pics when I became editor of Simply KC magazine…


And then I met Ruthie Stark. Ruthie had just left her career in the corporate world to chase her dreams of being a photographer. This was all new to both of us, and we embarked on the journey together. Ruthie brought SO much life to my photos and in turn the blog. I felt so natural when shooting with her, and we had fun! We shot EVERYWHERE in K.C. Also, so many restaurants, hotels, you name it would just open the doors for us early to shoot! We were so lucky!

Looking back, it is a bit of a trip down memory lane seeing all the great places in KC…


 Tavernonna at Hotel Phillips



Prairie Village

Market Studio

The Country Club Plaza

Monarch Bar

Stock Hill

St.Theresa’s school track (that we got kicked off of while shooting 🙂

Health House State Line

Downtown KC

Health House PV

T.Loft Country Club Plaza

Verona Columns Mission Hills 

Crestwood Shops

Downtown KC

Monarch Bar

And then Ruthie moved to Dallas. It was so sad seeing her go! We lost such a talent in KC.

But then I had the opportunity to work with some other amazing photographers in KC

Anna Petrow is unbelievable, and I will treasure these photos always, because Anna doesn’t shoot “people”. She is an incredible food photographer who has been featured in the NY times! Thank you Anna for taking on a human 🙂 I just love the shoots we did together! 

Also, Cassandra Castaneda who I adore!!!! She is now doing really stunning portraits, that I hope to do with her one day!

And Rachel Rigler who is YOUNG, and SO talented!!

And Meg Cusick who I have loved seeing evolve her brand into a blogger who now does photography.

And it all came full circle, when I had the opportunity to shoot again with Samantha Levi here in LA this year 🙂 She’s SO amazing, and really gets me in my element.

I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. To have the chance to be creative, to be able to write, and do a hobby that I love! I have had readers come and go over the years, so thank you to all of you who have stuck with me for the past decade! You guys really are the sweetest, best, and most supportive readers, and I am grateful for all of you!

I have an AMAZING giveaway coming your way; stay tuned November 1st!!!!!!







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