The 1 Hotel South Beach

There are only a handful of hotels that I have stayed in throughout my travels that have truly wowed me. The 1 Hotel South Beach is one of them. The minute you walk in the door you are hit with a warm, inviting feeling and an intoxicating smell (which also comes in a candle that you can buy…of course we did!)

The warmth gives a sense of tranquility but then you are hit with a touch of excitement because the ambiance is so spectacular. It’s a place you don’t want to leave…

all pictures by me unless otherwise noted

The lobby is iconic; especially the living plant wall by Paloma Teppa of Plant the Future. There is also a store within the hotel that’s incredible! I wanted to bring everything home with me

Blending in with our surroundings…

The lobby has a bar and they have live music there on the weekends. It is a happening spot that goes late night!

Everywhere you walk in the hotel, there is a natural element of surprise. These hanging orchids on the walk to the main pool were my favorite

There are multiple pools and beach access at the hotel. There is a rooftop adult pool, a middle level pool which is the largest. This was our favorite because the service was better and the overall ambiance is better than the rooftop. There is a lower level pool that is a lap pool. There were tons of families, and there is a kids club. It is a very family friendly hotel, which I think is an added bonus. But, even us being on a trip as just adults it didn’t bother me one bit. The beach access had huge sand mounds with every sand toy available for little ones. We didn’t hang there because it was pretty windy, but it is private and has excellent drink and food service as well.

The Sand Box is a bar and restaurant at the main pool…a great spot for cocktails or lunch

There is Beachcraft; a 5 star restaurant on the property that is great for dinner. It was not my husbands favorite but I loved it! We also had breakfast there a couple of mornings.

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The PlNThouse was a great healthy eating spot with light bites for breakfast and lunch.

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Nativ Made was a coffee and smoothie/juice bar that we hit up every morning. We had overnight oats, coffee, different juice and smoothie blends. Everything we had was delicious.

If you want to stay healthy on your vacation, the 1 Hotel has you covered! I love that they have options for those that are on a limited diet; as well as those who want to splurge.

The gift shop at the hotel called Violet + Grace was BEYOND. It’s where I got this hat, which was my favorite purchase of the trip. I have learned that hats made out of real palm are legit. It was totally worth spending a little more because this hat was so light, it is also adjustable. I have a really hard time finding hats that fit, and having the ability to adjust the inside is key! The brand is Artesano and you can find it HERE. 

Other great amenities were the workout room, called Spartan Gym which offered classes each day. They have a spa and salon, which we did not use but they looked great. The best perk was the complimentary Tesla driver that would take you within a 5 mile radius. Our guy Robinson would drop us off and pick up! He was such a good guy, we loved getting to know him on our rides all over town.

The 1 is located at 23rd and Collins; a great location close to a lot of the hot spots! I can’t say enough good things. The service, cleanliness, aesthetic, food, location, and amenities were a 10 out of 10 for me. I really hope we can make it back there each year, because we loved it so much! So…until next time Miami!


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