I love dainty jewelry, and as I have gotten older I am ok with spending a little bit more on pieces that will last. Au…


Beauty: Fillers

I have always been very open and honest about the beauty treatments/procedures that I do. I started Botox last year right before I turned 40….


Scout it out: Backpacks

One topic that you as readers suggested was a bag that could replace a nylon crossbody; something that is casual and good for everyday wear….


The Bloom Academy

I have been lucky to know and work with Emily Walters for probably the last 8 years. She is one of those amazing, creative souls…


Travel: Napa

Our last week in Napa was one of the most fun trips we have been on. We had a few days just the 2 of…


High Waisted Shorts

Give me all of the high waisted shorts! I am really loving the return of this trend; which my Mom wore in the 80’s. The…


Our Weekend

This weekend was a crazy one; but I feel like May is always nuts with end of the year activities! Kids had a half day…


Coral Crush

I can’t stop buying this coral color, and I am not angry about it! It is hands down one of my favorite colors this season….